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"Touring The World Never Looked So Beautiful"

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There is no other pageant like Tourism Pageant Productions.
Girls from ages 4 to 100...Married, single, Over 50 Plus Size. Everyone fits in at Tourism.  You will be part of a group of girls that empower each other making each other feel Special.
We have State pageants, Appointed Titles and Ambassador Titles.  Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant will be held July 23-24-25, 2021, in Pigeon Forge Tennessee, where we all come together, from all over the world, to choose our new World Queens . But, the best is the Journey you choose to take before the World Finals. We are here to help you as much as we can. 
Come take a Tour with us. Make your stars shine to the moon and back! 

Who we are...

Because our Tourism Delegates are not only leaders in their respective age groups, they are also outstanding role models so desperately needed in today's world. Our main focus is  assisting our girls to get where they want to go... by mentoring them. We are available and clear about advise and goals. We open them up to new ideas of success for them. Like education, alternative careers, goals, speaking out on subjects near and dear to them. We spend a great deal of time making sure our delegates are significant to today's world and will thrive in ways unimaginable just 10 years ago.
Worlds Miss Tourism Pageants, is the fastest growing event of its kind. Under the leadership of Teri and Gary Alexander award-winning directorship with well over 40 years of experience, not only in pageants, but as a business leader and Manager of in-flight services where this director often dealt face to face with the FAA a federal branch of our government. As well, the talented production and sound by songwriter of the year 1994, who currently has a song, he wrote, in the top 10 charts right now. This pair understands the necessity of being surrounded by qualified people to run any aspect of the event itself. Tiffany Curry is the Organizational Administrative Guru and we are lucky to have her. This absolutely ensures excellence as well as a family touch. Come celebrate with us not just the accomplishments of these outstanding women and girls. But come celebrate a new era in the way the pageant world operates. Be a part of the future and the success of our girls 
Be a part of something that is more than a crown and trophy. Be a part of something that embraces our girls, teaches them to think for themselves and develop into compassionate leaders who will one day Rule the World! 

Why Tourism?

Why Tourism? because we are teaching our girls to be Brand Ambassadors, public  figures, Inspirations What we are not doing... is teaching them to be "Pageant Girls" . We are a family of Ambitious, Leaders, looking to inspire a World. Skills gained at Tourism will carry the girls through life to their future careers.  Tourism Girls are often sought out for Magazines, TV press, radio. We do fashion shows, talent shows and appearances as well as challenges all through out the year. So step into 2021 with The Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant!

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Worlds Miss Tourism Pageants and events is proud to be in business for now 23 years.   Enjoy any one of our 3 pageant events. Natural, Glitz and elegant something for everyone. Whether a beginner or seasoned competitor you could win big at World finals. 

But, best of all is... the years journey you will take... under the crown of stars, the crown of fireworks or the crown of ruby's, will be the most fun time of your life. You will lead your peers for the year. You will represent your town, state and maybe the World. 

It all starts with an appointed title. When you apply and are awarded your state title you receive your crown, your embroidered sash, and a handbook to guide you along the way.


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