Tourism Pageant Productions

Tourism Pageant Productions Offers Girls and in some of our events,  GUYS an opportunity to apply for a title.  We hold LIVE pageants and offer Appointed or awarded titles that require an essay and a photo.

  • A Live pageant is when you go to a place and compete with other girls to try to win the title you want.

  • An Appointed title is awarded through a process... you must qualify through. Should you qualify and we let you know you won your title, you will pay a title fee and then your crown and sash will be ordered and then, will be postal mailed. There may be a Live World Pageant to compete.

  • An Ambassador title is a title you must apply for online and you will not go to a Live Pageant.  You will represent in your country, and may do appearances and our Challenges.

We are still accepting girls to compete at Worlds Miss Tourism in July on the 24-25-26, 2020 and many state titles are available as Appointed. 

For 2021 these World or Nations Ambassador titles are available: You may apply NOW. Girls whom we accept through our approval process will pay a Title fee of $250.00 on Special saving you $100.00. You get a blinged sash, a 4" Star Crown and the Tourism Pageant Productions PDF handbooks to help you be successful during your year.

  • Worlds Miss Universe Tourism

  • Worlds Miss Earth Tourism

  • Worlds Miss Planet Tourism

  • Worlds Miss Continent Tourism

These State Titles are available as appointed:

  • Worlds Miss Tourism State Titles (ask some states will have a Live State Pageant in 2021)Our Premier Natural Pageant

  • Worlds Royal Ambassador State Titles all states are appointed Our Ultra Elegant Pageant

  • Worlds Glamour Girls State Titles All states are appointed Our Glitzy Pageant

  • The 3 pageants list Tourism, Royal, and Glamour may compete at the Live World Event July 23-24-25, 2021

  • The State Title Fees for these state titles are $155.99 each

  • You may enter all or one

We Teach Classes in Modeling, Pageantry, Dance, Public Speaking, and more. We produce Fashion shows, talent shows, parties and many pageants.


If you would like to be a part of the Tourism Pageant Productions Family just ask.