Prepare for fun, friendship, and new adventures while making the world a better place.

Miss Tourism Girls look at our world and take action to change it for the better. They make friends, challenge themselves with new experiences, write their own stories, and develop the skills and confidence to say, “I know I can do this!”

So how do we do it? It's all part of the Miss Tourism Leadership Experience, and it’s what makes The Miss Tourism Pageants a unique experience for all girls.


Miss Tourism Girls Bring Awareness:

A tourism Girl is a leader, no matter their age. From selecting the patches they’ll pursue to how they’ll organize an activity, Tourism Girls have the chance to follow their dreams and grow their skills—and the confidence that comes with that.

Learning by Doing:

Hands-on activities are fun for Tourism Girls of any age, but they also help them feel empowered to shape their own experience. Tourism Girls unlock their “I got this” attitude as they discover they can always dust themselves off and try again when things don’t go according to plan.

Tourism Girls strive to make the World Better: 

There’s power in having a tight-knit group of friends who will learn with you, grow with you, and always cheer you on. whenever you champion a cause. See firsthand that teamwork, respect, and collaboration and how that fuels them through any challenge that comes their way.





Miss Tourism Pageants believe our titleholders are more than they believe, smarter than think and stronger than perceived. 

Inspirational queens are those who can set a goal and do everything in their power to achieve it. It takes a lot of self-discipline and dedication to one's passions to achieve your goals. Join Miss Tourism Pageants and watch yourself flourish!!!

In order to LEAD it is necessary to learn. Learn how to be an effective leader. Miss Tourism Pageants encourages our titleholders to get out of their comfort zone. Get uncomfortable, in order to learn you had in you, the power all along. 

Miss Tourism Pageants Challenges help our titleholders to gain the confidence to try new things, new idea's and new experiences. This helps our Royalty gain the confidence to LEAD her peers, her town, her state and possibly the nation and world. 

An effective influencer knows what she has to offer the World.  Knowing who she is and sharing that confidence, in a stylish royal way. 

Miss Tourism Pageants will open doors, inspire opportunities and create an environment for our titleholders to have the confidence to use their new-found voice, which will influence a world.

Tourism Girls strive to make the World Better: 

Through our challenges those who participate learn things they never thought possible. Through our challenges we will touch on environmental issues, S.T.E.M Challenges and becoming a business owner. Unlike most Pageant that focus on the outer beauty Worlds Miss Tourism focuses on development, on challenging the Tourism girls to broaden her horizons. reach higher and by doing so we have developed a merit patch/badge system. The Patches are based on our challenges. 

You made a difference patch $10.00

Pet Care
Patch $10.00

Community Service Patch $12.00

Learning Patch $10.00

Stop Bullying
Patch $12.00 


Patch $10.00

Rise Up 
Patch $10.00

Pancake Breakfast
Patch $10.00

Community Clean-Up
Patch  $12.00

I Braved A New Adventure
Patch $10.00

More Patches Coming Soon



Miss Tourism

National Platform

T.H.I.N.K. Anti-Bully

Join Tourism as we lead the charge in challenging girls to THINK before they speak, stand up against bullying and be inclusive. No one is ever alone.




Miss Tourism


2023 Miss Tourism Guide

Miss Tourism Pageants gives you the tools to succeed at World Finals. Everything you need to know to compete and have fun!


When Raelea in yellow of VA won Yazmine in white from PA was so excited for her!

Every Girl Welcome

For every girl who was left out, felt like she didn't fit in, was too tall, too short, to thin, too heavy, long hair, short hair we are for all of the girls who need a place to call there own, support and friendship.

Miss Tourism Pageant


Miss Tourism Pageants bring dreams to life by working together to build a better world, through programs from coast to coast, Miss Tourism Queens of all ages, backgrounds and abilities can be unapologetically themselves as they discover their strengths and rise to meet new challenges—Miss Tourism Queens lead the way as they find their voices and make changes that affect the issues most important to them.

Miss Tourism Pageant


Miss Tourism Pageants has always been a pageant for all girls. Our vision is an all-inclusive, no matter large, small, tall, short, no matter if you shop designer stores or thrift stores, and are kind, this should be your home. We have a safe environment for our queens to be themselves, to grow through support from one and other and Tourism Pageant Leaders, directors and Volunteer Leaders.  Miss Tourism Pageants is one of the least expensive events of its kind, allowing girls of all economic backgrounds to participate.


Our Vision is for ALL Girls, of all sizes, shapes, backgrounds and geography can thrive in the Miss Tourism Pageants. It's not just about winning, it is about the journey and your individual experience. You deserve to be in an environment where you can always be YOU!

Miss Tourism Pageant

& Your Passion Project

The Miss Tourism Pageants, In addition to our Worldwide and National Platform of Anti-Bullying, knows it is essential that every title-holder find a personal passion project or a particular social platform/initiative and work to create an everlasting, substantial change. Miss Tourism Pageants every year, challenges every title-holder to do things that improve her community in a way that enriches both her communities and her life. Each Miss Tourism title holder will have the opportunity to showcase their own social platform/initiative and volunteer work through our website and social media to advance her reach .  Girls can choose the National Platform or her own or both. 

Miss Tourism Pageant


Miss Tourism Pageants encourages community service. The Miss Tourism Pageant Platform is Anti-Bulllying. Girls who are bullying generally never do it alone there is generally another girl or more present. Girls are much more passive aggressive and will find bullying is worse over weekends when girls have friends with them. Education is the key to averting behavior. Some girls do not realize the long term affects bullying causes their victim. Here are a few Sites you can utilize for educational information. Girls choosing the Tourism Platform should do her research and know the topic better than anyone else, if your plan is speaking about the subject  Click here to participate in a survey about bullying: 




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