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Mark your calendars for July 11-14, 2024, and get ready to be part of something incredible in Nashville, Tennessee. The Nationals event, hosted by the Miss Tourism Pageant Organization, promises a whirlwind of shows, events, parties, and much more, delivering the ultimate pageant experience you've been dreaming of.  Worlds Miss Tourism is a private event and for the safety of our contestants we do not post the event venue.  It will be given to you through your guidebook. All Information provided here is for those competing for the All-American Miss Tourism titles in their age group.

Age Divisions

Princess 5-8

Preteen 9-12

Jr. Teen 13-15

Teen 16-18

Age as of June 1, 2024

*Miss Division: single, never married, no children

***Mrs. Division: Married, with or without children (less than 7 will be combined with Ms.)

**Ms. Division: single, divorced, widowed - may or may not have children.


Miss 19-26

Mrs. 21-49

Ms. 21-49

Elegant Ms. 50+



Official AAMT State Crown

Official AAMT State Sash

National Finalist Certificate (given at nationals must be present to receive)

If you competed in a LIVE state Pageant a portion of your competition fee is paid by your State Director  as part of your State Prize Package (if you obtained an appointed title, you are responsible for your competition  fee)

State Title Registration

Fee  $195.99  

Register for Nationals $195.99



You will compete in required competitions, Evening Gown, Interview, Patriotic Costume, Photogenic.

Full Color Spotlight Ad in National Yearbook

Professional Ad Design of Spotlight Page 

Full Color Headshot 

National T-Shirt 

WMT Yearbook

Delegate Ticket to WMT Gala  Dance

Delegate Ticket to On-Stage Optional Competitions

Delegate Ticket to all Preliminary Shows 

Delegate Ticket to all Final Shows 

Entry into WMT People's Choice Competition

National Competition Fee


National Competition Fee $545.99

Join the Miss Tourism Pageants


All-American Miss Tourism National Competition

All-American Miss Tourism is the pageant for our Runners-Ups from live state pageant events and optional winners from state pageants. This year only, we are allowing appointed title holders to enter All-American. 



All Contestants will wear an outfit of their choice that makes them feel confident, reflects their personality and is age-appropriate. Each delegate will be judged individually by each judge. Questions are age appropriate, your answers need to be authentic and true to who you are. You will be scored on interview skills, personality, grace, authenticity, and conversational competence."


All Contestants will wear a floor-length gown of their choice that makes them feel confident, reflects their personality and is age-appropriate. Each delegate will have their moment in the spotlight as they showcase their grace, beauty and confidence. Scoring is based on poise, grace, stage presence, gown fit, color, style, and personality. 


All contestants will wow the judges in a PATRIOTIC costume that shows her creativity about an unknown about America. No ordinary event think shiny, think BIG, think outside the box. Each contestant will do a 30-45 second speech to tie her costume into her unknown. Memorize, no note cards, no electronic devices.  Scoring is based on Wow effect, articulation, personality, costume must be able to go on stage by the contestant alone. WOW us!


All contestants will submit a photo 8X10 at registration. Photo will be in your crown and sash. 3/4 or head shot. You will be scored on composition, quality, personality, your photogenic qualities. 


Grand Supreme

Contestants may choose but are not required to enter the Grand Supreme Competition there are 6 total optionals.

Compete in all for $275.99 or pick ala cart $100.00 each.

Talent-Miss Hollywood

Monologue/Commercial- Miss Broadway

Runway Model-Miss Super-Model

Off The Rack Modeling- Miss American Model

A Cover Look Photo- Miss Cover-Model

An Ad Like Photo- Miss Media Model

Register for ALL 6 Grand Optionals $275.99

Register for ALL 6 Grands $275.99


Additional Optional Events

Contestants may choose but are not required to enter the Additional Optional Competitions.

Ad Space-Miss Cover-Girl

Referrals-Miss Queen of Queens

People's Choice-Miss Tourism Peoples Choice

Role Model-Miss Tourism Role-Model $150

Duo-Miss Tourism  Duo Queens $150 each

Academic Award-Certificate


Tourism Spirit-Certificate

Additional Optionals

Some no charge some $150.00 per person

Some no charge some $150.00 each

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