All American Miss Tourism 

All American Miss Tourism Pageant:

Live Pageant is July 22-23-24th 2022 Pigeon Forge, TN. 

For State Live Event runner up(s), won an optional event, queen of queens, or cover-girl placement. And for anyone who wants to attend All-American Miss Tourism with or without a city title. Meaning you may attend All-American Miss Tourism without a preliminary title. 

A New addition to the Tourism Pageant Family! All American Miss Tourism Pageant is held at the same place and time as Worlds Miss Tourism. It is for appointed city title holders and runner up(s), won an optional event, queen of queens, or cover-girl placement. We are looking for the best in the country, to represent America, and this distinguished title all year. All American Miss Tourism is a class act, stylish, beautiful, and kind. Visible all year! Sharing her journey. Although there is no non-compete clause for ages 4-15 and Classic Ms., there is, for the All-American Miss Tourism National Winners (Teen Miss, Miss, Mrs., Ms.) We expect your full attention for the entire year! Our 2021 Worlds Miss Tourism winner, brand ambassadors giving up their titles may compete in All American Miss July 2022 but would not be allowed to give up her World title if competing. This is to avoid an unfair advantage! We do everything in our power to ensure a fair and just pageant competition that is based on kindness.  


Who Qualifies to compete in the main event:

Anyone who emerged from a live in person state pageant as a runner up, won an optional event, queen of queens, or cover-girl placement. Anyone who won her appointed city title through the on-line appointed form selection program. Or anyone who wants to compete in the Live National Event without any type of title. In the case a contestant would like to attend nationals with no preliminary event, or title, she will then only pay the registration, scholarship, ad fees and if competing for Grand supreme, the registration for Grands. More on that below!

SEE Optional Events Competition: For Grand Supreme Titles:

Contestants may purchase a city title, crown and sash for appearances and challenges, for use in appearances and challenges. City Title Crown and sash is $99.99. 



25 % Interview

one-on-one interview with each judge.

Interview could change to press style be prepared for either.

25%  Patriotic Wear

Should be a patriotic outfit of choice. Be creative and WOW us. 

25% Evening Wear

Floor length dresses for all divisions. We do not require a particular walking pattern. total time allotted is 1 minute.  Your time on stage is yours to do with what you will. This is the most elegant portion of the competition please act accordingly.  

25% Photogenic

Photo should be... Head and shoulder,  no more than 3/4 body length. 8x10 photo please. No Crown and sash required.

Optional Events Competition: For Grand Supreme Titles:

Who Qualifies for Grand Supreme:

Worlds Miss Tourism Grand Supreme Events are NOT required. However, Any one accepted, attending, and competing in Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant competition and All American Miss Tourism Pageant competition, may also elect to compete in Worlds Miss Tourism Grand Supreme Optional Events. Age groups for Grand supreme are not the same as Main Competition so, be sure to read everything about the Worlds Miss Tourism Grand Supreme Competitions. Make the most of your World and All American Tourism experience and give yourself every opportunity to walk away from the World Stage with the possibility of representing another World Title!  Learn More >>>>

Location and Date:  July 22,23,24, 2022 Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. 

Registration Fee: to compete in the All American Miss Tourism  event is:

  • Registration Fee $295.99, $100.00 Scholarship fee total $395.99 .Due April 1, 2022

  • One Full Page Ad or Spotlight Page $150.00 Due May 1, 2022

  • Optional Events for Grand Supreme $295.99 Due June 1, 2022 (Worlds Miss Tourism Grands)

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