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Appointed Tourism Title Form

No charge to fill in our Title Form.


A year from now you will wish you had started today!  Sign up now to represent your state, country or region and begin the experience of a lifetime! It starts with your preliminary title. Appointed, Ambassador or Live State Pageant.   

A few things to help you fill in your title form.

The form works best on a computer or laptop. It will work with some phones.

A title Choice is your State Name, State Nickname or Nation/ Heritage...Example; 1st Choice: Miss Ohio Tourism

2nd Choice: Miss Buckeye State Tourism

3rd Choice: Miss Midwest Tourism

Your Age Group is determined by the age you will be on August 1, of the pageant year.

Photos should be jpg., jpeg, png and 25mb or less. 

If your form does not send easily triple check the form... either your photo is not sending or you have missed something that requires a response. 

We are one of the most active pageants even with covid we have kept our delegates safely busy! With the most recognizable crown in the world you will stand out.




View Eligibility and Application FAQs​

View State Pageant Schedule  Contact us if you prefer to compete. You will then be notified when your state has a LIVE State Pageant (NO LIVE PAGEANTS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE)

This  application is required for all applicants for an appointed state or regional title wishing to compete at nationals in July 2021 and any Tourism Ambassadors.


STEP 1: Submit a headshot photograph. Photos may be updated at a later date. If you have trouble uploading to the application form:

STEP 2: Watch for an email from info@misstourismpageants.com   or your state director within two (2) business days. State participants MUST first be admitted for eligibility by the national office.


STEP 3: STATE PAGEANTS - Eligible state pageant participants will receive further communication from your state director. 


STEP 3: APPOINTED STATE TITLES - Applicants will be contacted with additional submission requirements. There may be additional submission requirements and a waiting period. You may be asked to consider a regional or at-large state title.

STEP 4: ACCEPTING YOUR TITLE - If offered a  title, an initial title fee or payment in full will be required immediately.

TOURISM TITLE FEE : There are no refunds. be sure this is what you want. There are no refunds.  There is NO transfer of fees to another Tourism Pageant event. There is no transfer of titles from you to another contestant. And, there are no refunds, should you win another title outside the Tourism Pageant Productions who has a non compete clause. 


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