Appointed Title Pageant Registration

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Fees Break Down

$175.99 State Pageant or Appointed State/State Nickname Title Sponsor Fee (Watch for a rare Discount) 

All State Contestants who win a State/Regional Title are required to attend the Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant. If you were a runner up or a optional winner you qualify to compete for All American Miss Tourism Pageant held on the exact same weekend. The following mandatory fees are to be paid to the World Office for that years World Event.

• $295.99 Registration Fee  Due April 1, 2022
• $100.00 Scholarship Fee Due April 1, 2022
• $150.00 One Full Page Ad Due May 1, 2022
• $295.99 Optionals For Grand Supreme (not required)

   • $100.00 Each Optional not competing for Grand Supreme (not required)