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Building Self-Esteem /Self Confidence what's the difference?  

Self-confidence refers to a belief in one's abilities, skills, and judgment. It's the trust or assurance in a persons capacity to handle situations, tackle challenges, and achieve goals. For instance, a person with high self-confidence might feel capable of public speaking, handling new tasks, or taking on leadership roles because they trust in their skills and abilities.

Self-esteem, on the other hand, is more about the overall sense of self-worth or value. It's the subjective evaluation of oneself, encompassing feelings of self-acceptance, self-respect, and personal value. Self-esteem influences how we perceive and value ourselves, affecting emotional well-being and how we interact with others. Someone with high self-esteem generally holds a positive view of themselves, feeling worthy and valuable as a person.

In essence, self-confidence is more task-oriented and reflects belief in one's abilities, while self-esteem is broader, encompassing one's overall sense of worthiness and value as a person. Both are crucial for a healthy and fulfilling life, as they contribute to how individuals navigate challenges, form relationships, and pursue their goals.

We chose to focus on self confidence in getting better at representing your Miss Tourism Title. This is accomplished in continuous improvements brought to you through the Miss Tourism Challenges and taking on roles that help you grow. 

For instance if you are not great at doing video and speaking then you should take it upon yourself to do video where you speak. 

"you do not have to be great to start but you have to start to get great!" 

Do a Video where you are a Tour Director and show off special aspects of your towns Holiday, statues or famous buildings.  Or Find folklore and legends of your towns and tell us all about them. By taking on the video speaking aspect you should improve each time.  Having someone critique showing you things to improve and things you di wonderful always in that order, helps you improve while gaining confidence that you are doing something great and significant. 

More Coming Soon!!!

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