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At Worlds Miss Tourism our contestants are more than just "contestants". Our delegates are our reason, our mission, the reason we do what we do. Consider becoming a mentor, their inspiration, their influence and their leader. Show them how important they are and show them their strengths... If you want to encourage people then you have found your home. 

Discover Friendships, Hidden Talents and a new Confidence!

Become An Official Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant Director 2022

Be More Tan YOU Ever Thought Possible!

You are the Leader, inspiration and influence as an Official Tourism State Pageant Director.

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LOOK👀 WHAT'S HAPPENING... Director News: Becoming a Preliminary Tourism Pageant Director, you will mentor your delegation to World Finals. But, you will also Qualify for Worlds Miss Tourism Director Awards.  Worlds Miss Tourism Best Optionals Director, Worlds Miss Tourism Best Cover Girl Director, Worlds Miss Tourism Best in Community Service, Worlds Miss Tourism Director of the Year.  Also, All American Miss Tourism Best Optionals Director,   All American Miss Tourism Best Cover Girl Director,  All American Miss Tourism Best in Community Service,  All American Miss Tourism Director of the Year!

Ages: Tiny Miss 3-4,  Little Miss 5-7, Jr. Miss 8-9, Pre-Teen 10-12, Jr. Teen 13-15, Teen 16-18,Miss 19-27, Mrs. 21-49, Ms. 21-49, Classic Ms.,  Your Winners will be required to Attend World Finals July 22-23-24, 2022. Let us know you are a