Frequently asked questions

Is previous pageant experience required?

Absolutely not. Every girl, regardless of the amount of pageant experience, is very capable of doing well and even being chosen as a state or national representative for Worlds Miss Tourism. We provide you with all the information, help and tools you will need to be prepared for pageant weekend. We are looking for a confident and active young lady who can represent her title. First time contestants make terrific contestants and awesome representatives!

Is Worlds Miss Tourism Natural or Glitz?

No as you can see below, all of our scoring is based on personality, poise, confidence and communication. Good Communication, being active with your current title and presentation skills are important to us when choosing someone to represent any of our titles. In this diversive world when life happens and braces, glasses, skin problems, varying heights, weights and appearances, these are things that make you who you are and we are want to encourage and celebrate all of our contestantant to continue to be Beautifully Confident! Our representatives are chosen on the basis of 4 required areas of competition. 25% of the score comes from their communication skills during their Interview, 25% from her poise and presentation during the Formal Wear Modeling Competition, 25% on personality, communication and confidence in an the Costume Competition, and 25% on press, charm and confidence in Photogenic.

Do I have to get "coaching" or "formal training"

No! Our series of PDF Handbooks, along with the training from our experienced and professional staff, legacy queens provide you with a solid foundation to create your own style and learn the stage technique required for competitions.

What Color or Style does my formal Gown need to be?

While there is no specific color or style that your formal wear dress should be, you most importantly want to make sure you feel confident and special in the dress. Also keep in mind, is it age appropriate? Choose the color and style that looks best on you. Make sure you refer to the guidelines for your age division for dress length etc., Found in the Road to Worlds Miss Tourism PDF-handbook.

What are the benefits of entering Worlds Miss Tourism Pageants

Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant is so much more than just a pageant! Our program is carefully designed to help you become more confident, teach you skills to help you in life, helping you learn to build a brand and not a pageant resume, things such as interviewing, public speaking and presenting yourself in front of an audience, all while gaining the competitive edge to succeed in whatever fields you may choose in your future. You and your family will create lifelong memories and friendships while gaining the skills necessary to succeed not only in this competition, but also in life! With the Tourism PDF's Guide Books you learn how to make an appearance to build your brand, it has a Press kit, press release to announce your title and other press releases. Learn the art of appearances and challenges making you or your daughter a Hometown Celebrity.

What are the area's of competition?

The Required Main Event Consists of Evening Gown ( Long All Ages) Private Interview State Costume Photogenic in Crown and sash

What is a Sponsorship Fee, Can I pay this myself and where do I find sponsors?

The title fee is due when you fill in your online title form. Normal State title fee is $255.99 but, keep an eye out for specials. If you prefer YES, you can pay your sponsorship fee yourself, or you may request a sponsorship link so your sponsors can pay your Tourism Fees Directly under your Photo. Just send your sponsor to the webpage sponsorship link for you and tell them to follow the prompts. The best place to begin is where your family does business. Great examples are Salons, Cleaners, Insurance Companies, Banks, Doctors, Dentists, local stores and businesses, etc. Call ahead to make an appointment and dress in a professional outfit when you visit them. Visiting potential sponsors is also great practice for your interview. Most sponsors will want to ask you questions about the pageant and be prepared by referring to your PDF HandBook. Sponsors also receive recognition in your keepsake program book, on our website and in interviews you may do locally you will always thank your sponsors. Sponsorship contributions made towards your sponsor fee from a business is tax deductible for them!

If I plan to compete in optional events, will this affect my chance for winning the over-all Pageant?

Optional events are scored separate from the Main Event so optionals will not affect the main event scores. However, optional events can help you win (Talent, Photogenic, Actress, Spokesmodel, Supermodel, Cover-Model, Fashion-Model Search) have no effect on the outcome of the overall pageant. Each optional contest is an opportunity for you to shine and be recognized in your area of interest. Lots of awards are given too. Individual competition award for the optional you choose, and overall you could win Grand Supreme for your age category, or top scores win as over-all Grand Supreme and the best score is our Ultimate Grand Supreme! This is another way to walk away from World Finals as one of the best in the World!

Do I have to sell Ad Pages?

Yes and No, Each Contestant must have one full page ad for the souvenir program book and you may pay this yourself so, selling advertising is not required. You will be given the opportunity if you wish to sell ads to receive special prizes or awards. This is a great opportunity for you to gain recognition in your community, make sure your hometown and community are recognized in your state program book and earn great prizes. You will receive information that explains the price of the program booklet advertising and all of the prizes and awards that are available.

Do I have to stay at the host hotel?

Yes, it is required that all contestants sty at the host hotel. We have discounted room rate under the Worlds Miss Tourism Room Block. Information can be found in your PDF Handbook and on our website

Current or Former Worlds Miss Tourism Royals,  Tourism Passes?

The Worlds Miss Tourism Fast Pass Rule (State Queen Alumni) Rule Qualifications: Are you a reigning or past State Queen that cannot compete at your State Pageant this year for either of the following reasons? Reigning State Queen that cannot compete at your state pageant this year because you are crowing your successor? Past State Queen that cannot compete at your state pageant this year because you have not aged up to the next age division? Stipulations: Now you can fast pass directly to this year’s Miss Tourism All-American Miss National Pageant. You must not be eligible to compete at this year’s state pageant because of one of the existing rules listed above. You must compete at this year’s national pageant in the appropriate age division; your age based on August 1st (year of competition)

What are the Worlds Miss Tourism Eligibility Requirements?

Participants in Worlds Miss Tourism state-level events must meet Worlds Miss Tourism residency requirements. Upon request of the pageant office, a minimum of one of the following listed items must be provided by the applicant to establish residency eligibility for a given state. The documents must display the name of the applicant or the applicant’s legal guardian and be valid on the date of application to the pageant: Driver’s license U.S. passport State issued ID card Employee ID card issued by any branch, department, agency, or entity of the Federal Government, the state, a county, or a municipality Military identification School report card in the applicant’s name, indicating physical attendance in one or more classes, and that the school is located in that state School registration showing that the applicant is enrolled to physically attend one or more classes at that school, and that the school is located in that state Social security registration Utility bill Public aid ID card Lease or rental contract of residence Mortgage documents of the residence Residence deed Voter registration card Relocation orders (PCS or TDY) from a branch of the United States Armed Forces Homestead property tax exemption certification Other bona fide documentation of state residency, submitted by applicant and subject to the review and approval of two officials of the Worlds MIss Tourism Pageant. Worlds Miss Tourism shall be the sole judge and determinant of an applicant’s residency. If the applicant, or actual contestant, cannot supply the necessary document(s) to show residency, then the application may be refused, participation may be denied, fees may not be refunded, and / or titles and awards may be revoked. An applicant whose custodians reside in different states, and have a written joint legal custody arrangement, shall have the option of registering in either state. To be considered, any questions concerning residency must be sent in writing by email. Inquiries must include complete contact information for the inquirer and specific questions regarding residency of a given applicant. Inquiries must be sent to the NAM national office at attention: Executive Director

When Contacting any Worlds Miss Tourism Official...

When contacting Worlds Miss Tourism in any way social media, email or phone please tell us your contestant name and title. This information helps us in knowing you.

What are the Age Requirements?

Age Groups Are as Follows: Tiny Miss 3-4 Little Miss 5-7 Jr. Miss 8-9 Pre-Teen 10-12 Jr. Teen 13-15 Teen 16-18 Miss 19-27 Mrs. Ages 21- 49. You must at time of pageant, be legally married.. Ms. AGES 21-49. For AGES 28 and Over. divorced, widowed, and single mother ok. (Applicants who have not been married or have not had children cannot "choose" to enter this division simply because of age) .( If Never Married Never given birth and are ages 21-27 you are Miss) ! Classic Ms. Ages 50 +. You must at time of pageant, be a Minimum of 50 yrs.This applies to participation in any preliminary pageant (e.g., local, state, provincial, national) leading to the Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant competition pageant itself. Little Mister 4-7(must be 7 to attend nationals otherwise it is an ambassador title. Pre-Teen Mister 8-12 (must be 7 to attend nationals otherwise it is an ambassador title. Jr. Teen Mister 13-15 (must be 7 to attend nationals otherwise it is an ambassador title. Teen Mister 16-18 (must be 7 to attend nationals otherwise it is an ambassador title. Mr. 19-27 (must be 7 to attend nationals otherwise it is an ambassador title.

What is the benefit of being a state titleholder, over an appointed titleholder?

A state queen is one who wins her title via a state pageant. An appointed titleholder is one that obtained a title because either there is not a state pageant or there are opportunities that remain in the division. Weighing the differences (if there is a state pageant in your state you must compete there before you apply for an appointed title) Is there benefit of being a state titleholder from a live pageant, over an appointed titleholder? State titleholders and appointed titleholders compete equally at the World Finals. There are still benefits to winning an overall state title at the state pageant. Winning the state title comes with a prize package from the state director, as well as having the honor of being crowned on stage in front of family and friends, taking the final walk after the completion of a successful reign and returning to crown the state successor. It is a year full of memories. Choosing to apply as an appointed ambassador saves you money in travel, hotel, meals etc. again state titleholders and appointed titleholders compete equally at the World Finals the judges do not know who was an ambassador or visa versa. So there are benefits to doing either. Unfortunately NOT all States have Preliminary State Pageant yet and the only way to get to World Finals is to accept an appointed title.

Does Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant have a non-compete clause?

At the Appointed state level, we do not have a compete clause in our state delegates' contracts. We ask that you discuss and receive written permission prior to participating in any pageants to ensure no conflicts. We do not give permission to compete in any pageant that will inhibit a crowned state delegate to represent their title at the World Finals or complete their reign as a state/international queen. And further choosing a Tourism title demands a lot of work not easily shared with other titles. Your Official State Pageant may require that you not compete in any other pageant event until your reign is over.

I already have a title can I enter?

Yes, we do have many delegates with multiple titles we do have restrictions and procedures that must be followed. You may never attend an event in one title and change to a Tourism title midway or take multiple photos at the same event in a Tourism title and other titles. Not only do we deserve the respect of your full attention, the event deserves to see one Queen representing one title during the entire event. You are representing your peers, a brand and a pageant. Holding multiple pageant titles is something the general public does not understand.

Is there anything else I should know?

There is a lot you will learn as you go but, one thing you need to know up front is we require the Tourism Crown and Sash BOTH to be worn for all events, photos and appearances. This is a not negotiable. Crown and Sash Both!!