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The Exquisite Eight

World Winner Requirements:

2025 Non-compete clause- OF The "Exquisite Eight" Age Division winners will be required to sign a one-year contract that prohibits them from competing in any other “like” pageant for the duration of their reign. If one of our winners has the desire to enter a school/fundraiser/

community pageant, they must get written permission from the International office before entering/participating.

Under contract The Exquisite Eight Age Division Winners must abide by the following rules/regulations:


Must not be photographed in any other crown/banner that is not The Official winning World's Miss Tourism Star Crown and Title Sash.


Must maintain a professional reputation on all social media platforms. In fitting with the standards maintained by Miss Tourism Pageants, parents of The Exquisite Eight winners must do the same.


Must Maintain visibility through-out the entire year. 2 Appearances per month, one of which must be a community service. Comment with words on the Miss Tourism World social media platforms.


Must attend at least the finals of their state pageant for the following state season, if applicable. We recommend all World winners attend as many state and local competitions throughout their reign as possible. Remember the more you put into your reign the more you get out of it. World's Miss Tourism winners must wear her issued Crown of Stars and her issued Title Sash when attending any state/local or national pageant finals. 


Must maintain a professional appearance at all times for all appearances related to Miss Tourism Pageants. This includes hair, make-up, and clothing. World's Miss Tourism winners must wear her issued Crown of Stars and her issued Title Sash when attending any


The Exquisite Eight must attend the full World Finale' pageant the following year to pass the title to the new winner. Scholarships if you qualified, and any remaining prizes are given upon successful completion of the reign. 

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