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Miss Tourism 
All-American Miss Tourism

By registering to participate in this program, you acknowledge, accept, and agree that you have read and understood the rules, Code of Conduct, and sign your Printable Finalist Title Contract.


Additionally, you agree to abide by the following rules and regulations, as well as the statements and rules outlined in the Delegate Code of Conduct and Title Contract Agreement.

All contestants participating in Miss Tourism Pageants must comply with the OFFICIAL RULES & REGULATIONS listed below:

  1. Contestants are required to participate in the age group that aligns with her age as of August 1st in the year of the competition.

 2. For delegates competing in an Official Live State Pageant, they must either           reside, attend school, or spend a minimum of 8 out of 12 months following         their win in that       state.

 3. The contestant must participate in the correct age group based on her age           and marital status:

  • Miss Age Category: Contestants aged 21-26 who have never been married and do not have children must compete in the Miss Category.

  • Ms. Age Category: Those who were previously married but are no longer married and/or have or had children will choose the Ms. Category. Contestants aged 21-26 who have never been married and do not have children must compete in Miss age category.

  • Ms. Age Category: Contestants aged 27-49 who may be single, divorced, widowed, and may have or not have children will choose the Ms. Category.

  • Mrs. Age Category: Contestants who are Legally Married and aged 21-49 will choose the Mrs. Category.  Contestants aged 21-26 who have never been married and do not have children must compete in Miss age category.

 4. Contestants and their immediate family members cannot be employed by             Miss Tourism Pageants (the World/National Office).

 5. If a contestant is under the age of 18 at the time of application, the parents         and/or guardians must release Miss Tourism Pageants from any claims and         damages resulting from the contestant's participation in the events and grant       permission for the use of the contestant's photographs, speeches,                       testimonials, videos, etc., for publicity purposes and future materials.

 6. If a contestant is aged 18 or over at the time of application, she must release       Miss Tourism Pageant Events from any claims and damages resulting from           her participation in the events and grant permission for the use of her                 photographs, speeches, testimonials, videos, etc., for publicity purposes and       future materials.

 7. Any scholarships, college allowances, or sponsored prizes offered as part of         the state, national, and world programs are provided by the respective               school, agency, college, or sponsor, and Miss Tourism Pageants holds no               liability in this regard.

 8. All fees are non-refundable without exception.

 9. Contestants may participate in multiple state pageants in which they qualify         within a calendar year.

10. Contestants and/or their parent/guardian agree to be contacted about future        promotions from Miss Tourism Pageants, its directors, director's companies,        and prize sponsors.

11. Contestants and/or their parent/guardian agree to receive text messages            and email subscriptions for communication purposes but can opt-out at any        time.

12. Contestants and/or their parent/guardian acknowledge reviewing the                  guidebook and related information before submitting their application and            understand that any questions should be directed to the Miss Tourism                  Pageants office.

13. Requests for personal phone calls may take additional time, but all                      necessary information can be promptly answered by email, direct message,        or text within 24 hours.

14. Contestants and/or their parent/guardian certify that all information                    submitted in the application is true and factual.

15. Furthermore, all delegates must be natural-born females. Jr. Miss, Pre-Teen,        Jr. Teen, Teen and Miss may never have been  married, never been pregnant        or had a child, to be eligible to compete. Age verification through a birth              certificate is required for Princess to Miss delegates aged 5-26 during the            national pageant year. Mrs. delegates must provide a copy of their marriage        license, while Ms. delegates must have legal documentation proof if they              have been previously married or have given birth. You will submit document        on the online registration.

16. All-American Miss Tourism delegates must be US citizens residing in                    America.  Lastly, all delegates must not have posed nude in any form and            may not be a convicted felon.

18. We ask that use and add the following hashtags to your posts                              #joinmisstourismpageants #misstourismpageants                                              #AllAmericanMissTourismPageant #TourismGirl #TourismFamily                          #TourismKindness Please share any you think we should consider.

17. By participating in the Miss Tourism Pageants, you indicate your agreement          to comply with all the rules and regulations set forth by our program.

18. The hierarchy and priority of this pageant event is as follows: The Age                category winning World Title Queens for:

      Worlds Jr. Miss Tourism, Worlds Pre-Teen Tourism, Worlds Jr. Teen Tourism,

      Worlds Teen Miss Tourism, Worlds Miss Tourism, Worlds Ms. Tourism,

      Worlds Mrs. Tourism and Worlds Classic Ms. Tourism are this pageants first 

      priority. The Next Priority is Worlds Miss Tourism Grand Supremes and Next          priority is All-American Miss Tourism. 

19. We will only communicate with our Reigning queens age 18 and older. We            will not answer questions to other family members. If the queen is under 18        we will communicate with one designated adult must be a parent or                    guardian.

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