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We are thrilled you may be interested in owning a part of history with the Miss Tourism Pageants.  We compiled information to help you easily make your business dream a reality with a Miss Tourism State Pageant.  Financially we know this must make sense. Running a business in todays world may be difficult. However, owning your state franchise in a beauty business that is designed to help make others dreams come true can be extremely rewarding. After reading through the information provided, and if you are still interested in owning a part of Miss Tourism, then simply fill in the form provided at the bottom of this page!  


Not A Typical Franchise

Through years of experience Miss Tourism Pageants has remained relevant, current, modern and attracts hundreds of girls and women representing different age categories, cities, states, and nations. 

A realistic brand, meaning our girls and women are just like you. The Girl next door. The neighborhood tomboy, the choir girl, the cheerleader, the mathematician, and any girl with a heart for community service. 

We are the pageant others are changing their standards to match. Making a standard of not being typical. Striving to make sure we are a pageant that educates, empowers and encourages our contestants to try new and amazing things. Getting out of comfort zones to grow new skills that help provide a future career. Isn't that something you want to be a part of? 


The Business of Miss Tourism

Miss Tourism Pageant Productions and Events, is looking for responsible, organized franchisee's who will be engrossed in every aspect of their Miss Tourism State Pageant as a professional.  A business, who will be 100% about the success of the queens and contestants, available and engaged. 

The person or business we are looking for has the qualities or experience listed below:

  1.   Pageant experience as a director, coach, sponsor, former contestant      with a professional demeaner.

  2.  A stable means of financial backing to adhere to the Miss Tourism     Pageant standards and production.  

  3.  A director with sales experience, professional or home based.

  4.  A good reputation. 

  5.  Strict adherence to the Miss Tourism Program, with organizational skills

  6.  Compatibility with the Miss Tourism Core Values.

Are you a good fit? If so we would love to speak with you. Fill in the online form and check your email for us to respond. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Miss Tourism Potential Franchisee 

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It starts with your local pageants. The girls who win a local event then are required to attend the state event and the winners of the state event are required to attend the Live World's Miss Tourism Pageant. Your Runners ups and optional winner may attend the All American Miss Tourism Pageant.  It is imperative for local pageants to keep the production at a level equal to or greater than the state and World event. 

To remain relevant and current World's Miss Tourism has you covered with our Miss Tourism Pageant Operations Manual created originally in 2000 and updated each year. Support with franchise branding guidelines, tasks and paperwork. All guides and policies regarding the Miss Tourism crowns and sashes. And so much more!

Assistance with marketing to bring to your event local girls who would benefit from a Miss Tourism Guided event, training and opportunities she may not have had otherwise. 

We work hard so the franchise costs make sense from a business point of view.  We are here to help you grow a business in beauty and community service. 


The Business of Miss Tourism

 States in the darker color AVAILABLE:

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