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MTP stands for Miss Tourism Pageants and AAMT stands for All American Miss Tourism.  All Contestants are required to participate in 4 events. 

  • Interview - All Contestants wear sash, no crown)

  • Evening Gown - All Contestants wear floor length gowns

  • Photogenic - WMT contestants crown and sash - AAMT contestants no crown or sash

  • WMT State Costume - Only those doing MTP

  • AAMT Patriotic Wear - Only those doing AAMT

Age Categories:

Jr. Pre-Teen 5-8

Pre-Teen 9-12

Jr. Teen 13-15

Teen 16-18

Miss 19-26

Mrs. 21-49

Ms. 27-49

Classic Ms. 50 & Over



ALL compete

25 % Interview

one-on-one interview with each judge. A Tourism Girl must be ready for the Press. She must be articulate, likeable and able to speak confidently and conversationally. She needs to know how to be interviewed with preparedness, poise, class and confidence.

  • Round Robin: You will speak with each judge individually.

  • This is a glamorous event so you may embellish outfits. Dress, Suit or pantsuit should be age appropriate. 

  • You will wear your sash for your interview, no crown.

25% Evening Gown

all Floor Length  

All Compete

In evening wear every single contestant is required to wear a floor length gown. It should be a color and size that compliments you. Please do not think about what is big in pageants. Concentrate on what makes you feel your best and shows your style.

  • We do not judge you on how much the gown costs we judge you on how you look in it.

  • Is it a good color for you,

  • does it fit well,

  • can you walk elegantly in it,

  • does it show your personality.

  • A Tourism Girl must be confident, poised and graceful. This competition shows graceful style.

  • May be embellished. Make Up Rules apply for Jr. Pre-Teen and Pre-Teen.

  • You have one minute on stage.

25% Photogenic

ALL compete

PHOTOGENIC: A Tourism Girl must be ready at all times for that important photo. A Tourism Girl is often seen in Magazines, News Press, featured as models in catalogs and more. She must be naturally photogenic.

  • At Registration you will turn in your 8.5 x 11 ONLY

  • WMT Contestants Crown and sash must be visible.

  • AAMT No Crown and sash 

  • on the back of the photo protector must be your name First and Last, Your full title... its on your sash, what competition it is for... Photogenic.

  • You will turn this in at registration. If it is not turned in when you register it will not be accepted later. You must bring it to registration to be turned in.

25% State Costume

Worlds Miss Tourism Contestants ONLY

A WOW Costume. Go Big in this event. It should be a costume and not plain clothes. If depicting a person do a costume of what that person invented or did. Go Big. Contestants will do a 30-45 second speech about her costume on stage.

Know your speech no electronic devices no index cards, memorize.

We are looking for something unknown about your state.

25% Patriotic Costume

All-american miss tourism Contestants ONLY


AMERICANA-PATRIOTIC WEAR: All-American Miss Tourism Contestants ONLY (Worlds Miss Tourism Contestants see State Costume) You will find an unknown fact about America and your outfit should be classy stylin and should WOW us as you share. A Tourism Girl sometimes must research and prepare for a speaking engagement this competition shows us if she is prepared to do so.

  • prepare a 30-45 second speech tying your outfit together with your speech.

  • No note card, phones or tablets or any electronic device just you in your costume and you speaking.

  • This competition is the game changer in Tourism. The speech must tie it all together.

  • Speak Clear, loud and annunciate. It makes a difference.

  • This is the WOW us competition. Go Big or Go Home Competition. This competition shows us who put the work in. It shows us who does just enough to get by and who is all in. In Miss Tourism this usually makes the difference. 


Additional Points:

Contestants may gain 30 additional points by participating in her year, through social media, appearances and Tourism Challenges. 

Make-Up Rules: 

Ages 5-12 Very light, a tiny bit, of blush, tinted lip gloss, mascara, 

Ages 13 and Up anything goes.

To participate in the Grand Supreme Optionals (NOT REQUIRED) Click below

For Printable Materials:
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