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The World of Ambassador Titles:


AMBASSADORS: Learn More. Click your favorite title below. Or Sign up now ABOVE.


The Ambassador titles below are for the 2024 Pageant season.

Welcome, to the Miss Tourism Pageant Organization's, Ambassador Pageants, where Representation is the new TREND.  All Miss Tourism Pageant Organization Ambassador Titles are about philanthropy and helping to make our world a much better place. So choose below the title that sounds like a good fit to you. by all means sign up now.  Some of the titles are for both  male and female entries. 


Why do an ambassador title. A couple of reasons really.

  1. Cost, no travel expenses, hotel, competition wardrobe etc.

  2. Anyone can represent if they have a heart for serving others

  3. There are no height, weight, age, or beauty standards to follow. Be the best you can be.

  4. You get a gorgeous crown and sash in the mail 

  5. You get to do fun Tourism Pageant challenges and never even have to leave your home for most of them.

  6. You will learn and grow through representing.

  7. Humanitarian and Community Outreach are the core of our titles. 

  8. We challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and dig deep for a true representative year. 

We will hold an online pageant for ALL of our Ambassadors in November to choose our Ambassadors of the Year. They will receive a Gorgeous Crown, sash and a new reign for the upcoming year. To compete in the online pageant for ambassadors in November you must have a 2023 title.

In order to expedite shipping, girls will choose her crown, and border color to her sash. Centers will "all" be white with the Ambassador Logo on the the shoulder.

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