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A Main Event Competition
The Miss Tourism Costume Competition

25% of your total score 
The Costume Competition helps us choose who will reign as Miss Tourism in her age category.

All of our contestants will compete in the Costume competition. Each queen will choose something unknown about their state, country or community, her choice. Then they create a costume that should WOW the socks off of each of our judges. You want to hear gasps of excitement and anticipation as you enter the stage.

Each contestant will take her moment in the spotlight speaking 30 to 45 seconds about the unknow thing she chose. Her costume should look well thought out and not like it was thrown together the day of competition. With poise, personality, and confidence sprinkled in she will say her speech without using cards, electronic devices or anything else,  she will have memorized it.

The queen will be led to the magic spot on stage where she will perform her speech and then walk the stage to show us her creation. 

No make up rules for costume.

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