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At Miss Tourism Pageants, our mission is to empower young ladies to lead. The young girls involved in Miss Tourism, Miss Tourism Teen, Miss Tourism Jr. Teen, Miss Tourism Pre-Teen, and Miss Tourism Jr. Pre-Teen—from our local competitions to the national stage— have the chance to earn both cash and in-kind scholarships in fields ranging from science, to tech, to engineering, to math, to athletics to the arts and to create wishes for our able bodied contestants and more. Help us grow the opportunities presented to these outstanding young women and girls for years to come.

Our dream is no one left behind. 

Miss Tourism Pageants recognizes, with so many organizations and worthy causes to consider, we thank you for your support of our scholarships and the thousands of women who will benefit from our educational opportunities in the future.

Donations more than $500.00 contact us direct.
Donations are tax deductible as per your state.

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