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When Community Matters,  Regal Beauties & Mr.'s

bring hope to communities all over!

Who can Apply. Girls Ages:

Little Miss 5-6

Jr. Miss 7-9

Pre-Teen 10-12

Jr. Teen  13-15

Teen 16-18

Miss 19-26

Mrs. 21-49 

Ms. 21-49

Classic Ms. 50 and Up

Plus Size Enchanted Beauty

Who can Apply. Boys Ages:

Jr. Mister 5-9

Pre-Teen Mr.  10-12

Jr. Teen Mr.  13-15

Teen Mr.  16-18

Mr. 19-26

Regal Mr. 27-49

Classic Mr. 50+


Today!!! Make the bold decision to become the  Regal Beauty OR Mister​​

You are more than Magical! You are an Inspiration the beacon of hope! You are the most Magical, beautiful, Inspirational royals bringing hope to communities and all of the people in those communities. The biggest influence of all in the land!!! These gorgeous and handsome, Regal Queens, Kings, Princesses and Prince's represent the whole WIDE WORLD by Inspiring others to action.  They strive to make their communities better by creating fun events that enrich those communities and make them better. Never a decoration but always a useful significant steward making things happen. Regals are bosses who orchestrate the hope the world needs to see so much in todays world.  This title is the dream you give to a whole society showing them by action you are so much more than beautiful or handsome YOU will be the influence that others will copy. YOU will show the whole wide world exactly what a pageant title can do for a person. 

Regal Queens and Kings represent their communities by doing Community Outreach, by sharing their stories, that they may inspire someone that there is hope for a different life, different outcome and different view and that our Regal Queens and Kings may help in a significant way. Inspiring a World through kindness, through outreach and through their inner light. But also through their experiences, both challenging and enlightening.  A significant leader who understand they can influence their peers and many others through their significant works.  We chose this crown extremely purposeful. It is easy to wear for ALL of the works the  Regal Queens and Kings will do. We want you to shine and we feel this represents the diamond hidden inside a dark world that the Regal Queens and Kings will make shine. You will be the hope in the world! 


This title never expires. It is not dated so it is a lifetime for you to continue on year after year.

All Welcome to apply for:  Regal Beauty and  Mister.  We do not require any particular look, size, weight, height, background. We do however, require a heart of service to others. All may apply 

Title fee is $395.99 pay in full discount or may make payment arrangement of 2 payments of $225.00 each, one due immediately and the other within  30 days.

**Shipping outside USA Contestant Pays shipping.

Each Regal Queens and Kings will receive the crown pictured ***PLEASE NOTE: These will be ordered January 1st 2023 and Most likely will not arrive until MARCH!  Sash is Teal Border, White Center and Teal thread (may change to black thread)

What are we looking for in an Regals? Someone who is all about community service all year. Someone who will be visible, someone who is stylish, unselfishly kind and caring.  Someone who has a voice and will use it to teach, inspire, move and create.  Always striving to be the Worlds Inspiration, never a decoration.  Someone who follows instructions and someone who submits her best. So when filling in this application be careful to submit your best photo and best information. 

Accepting application NOW! We will choose as applications arrive. If you have not heard from us within 24 hrs, check to see we received the application and photo.  If after you confirm we have received your application, if you have not heard from us after 24 hrs. that means we awarded the title to another applicant.  We will be choosy. 


We chose a crown that is easy to wear and means something to us. From the Diamond on the top of the rainbow of the world, to the queens holding the rainbow for a renewed tomorrow and uniting us all in kindness.

Sashes will have a teal border with a white center we chose the color Teal. Teal symbolizes: individuality, renewal, morality, practicality ; Effects of teal: calms, supports, enlightens, heals ; Positive ... Renew and Unite with this Lifetime title. Every year you renew your resolve to impact our world in a positive way, renew your passion for service and helping others, renew your passion for kindness and spreading positive messages. Always unite and include as the Regal Queens and Kings of of the people and of this world. A life of sharing a positive platform.



Regal Beauty & Regal Mister

Regal Universe

Regal World
Regal International

Regal Globe
Regal Hemisphere
Regal Earth
Regal Planet

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