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2024 Entry Fees:


miss tourism & All-american miss tourism


Delegates whose state does not have a LIVE state pageant, may apply for her State Appointed Title'

The Appointed State Title cost is $195.99. ( Due upon receipt of your invoice).

The title fee (which is not the National Sponsorship fee) includes your State title, your star crown and your title embroidered sash.. 



Delegates who attended Nationals may bypass a state pageant. However, you will save on nationals should you win your state title.

The Returning Delegate cost is $155.99. ( Due upon receipt of your invoice).

The title fee (which is not the National Sponsorship fee) includes your State title,  your new title embroidered sash.. 

required nATIONAL'S sponsorship fee to compete at finals:

The total sponsor fee is $650.99 in Sponsorship Fees (Due April 1, 2024 no sooner) to compete at finals. To make a payment arrangement contact us.

Those who win her state title at a LIVE state pageant will receive $300.00 towards this fee.

You will want to work on gathering sponsorship fees all year.   How to raise sponsorship fees: Coming Soon.


If a delegates chooses to do "extra's" such as Talent, Modeling, Photos, Commercial there is additional charges. Delegates are not required to do any optional events however, it does show another side in personality, motivation and performance abilities.

INDIVIDUAL OPTIONS: $100.00 EACH (must do a minimum of 4 to compete for Grand Supreme)

ALL IN FOR GRAND SUPREME: $275.99. (Due June 1, 2023) 

why is there a cost?

The sponsor fee pays for the cost of producing the pageant: awards, trophies, choreographers, emcees, lighting, sound, staging, judges’ expenses, staff, florists, hotel ballroom rental, cash awards, printed materials, scholarships, office support and all of the many other things that go together to make our program the best it can be for you and your family.


- Miss Tourism Pageants does not charge its contestants any application fee.

- Opening Dress: During the pageant finale, all Delegates will, on stage do a 30 second or less introduction. That cost of that outfit is TBA

- Tickets to the pageant finale are $25 Friday and Saturday.

Awards Ceremony on Sunday are $30.00.

Tickets to the Friday evening Opening and dance $10.00.

-Kids under 8 free of charge.

More info about tickets coming soon.

You may have as many or as few sponsors as you wish contributing to make up your total sponsor fee of $650. Businesses, family, friends, or fundraising activities are all great ideas for raising your sponsor fee. Without exception, sponsor fees are non-refundable.
More about sponsorship fees coming soon.

what if i raise more?
Remember, sponsor contributions can cover any pageant related costs, such as: Sponsor Fee, Production Number Outfit, Final Show Tickets, Optional Contests, Hotel Room, and more. So don’t stop at $650!
Travel expenses, meals and hotel expenses are at the expense of each contestant.  To learn more about staying at the pageant host hotel, Ask. We do not post location of event for the safety of our contestants. 

More in 2024:


Coming in 2024 

The newest addition to the Miss Tourism repertoire. This is our Pageant for those who see their abilities and not their disabilities.


2024 Ambassador: 

The 2024 Miss Tourism Ambassadors titles are ready. Click to see all available. These titles do not have any LIVE pageants, but do have an online pageant for all Ambassadors to vie for the titles of  Reigning Miss Universe Ambassador. Click here choose your favorite title click on that and learn all about it

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