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Before registering, read the Miss Tourism State Titleholder Contract  there is no, no compete clause however, there are standards and rules by submitting your application is an acceptance to the Miss Tourism rules and title holder agreement. 




Contestants age19-26 and below Never Married, No Children


Contestants age 27 years of age to 49 years and currently single or divorced will go in the Ms. Division.


Contestants 21  years of age to 49 years and currently married will go in the Mrs. Division.



Contestant or Contestants’ parents (if child is under 18 years of age) affirm that she is and will continue to be a person of good character.



Contestant and Contestant’s Supporters, Guests or Visitors, referred to as accompaniments will conduct themselves in a respectful, professional manner at all times during the state and national pageants. Bad sportsmanship is NOT tolerated and will be grounds for removal of Contestant from the pageant without refund.



Contestant promises not to slander the Miss Tourism Pageant, its directors, peers, judges, volunteers or anyone else affiliated with the Miss Tourism Pageant.



Contestant and Contestants’ parents or legal guardians will agree to abide by the Miss Tourism Pageant Rules/Requirements and affirm that all information provided is true.


Contestant agrees to provide an original copy of her birth certificate to verify age and gender upon request.


The Miss Tourism Pageant can change the dates and venue of the national pageant as is deemed necessary.


The Miss Tourism Pageant has the right to refuse anyone entry into the National Pageant.


There will be NO videography or photography allowed at any of the stage events at the state and national pageant, unless otherwise announced. No Phone, tablets or anything that could appear you are recording is grounds for immediate removal without benefit of refund. 


Do not have things printed with the Miss Tourism Titles, Logos or others wise without written permission from the Director.


Do not sell anything with the Tourism Logo or title. 


Do not lend your crown and sash to others for photos. You may place it on someone's head but you hold onto it.


Do not wear your crown and sash as part of a costume at Halloween or any other time. It shows disrespect and demeans the title for everyone else who is trying to show elegance and class.


Do not lend your crown and sash for others to wear as part of their costume for the same reasons as mentioned above


We encourage you to take as many candid photos/video outside the event competition areas, the gala, dance and share to the pageant group page directly. 


One adult only is permitted in dressing room with contestants age 18 and under and will be given  an  access pass.


No boys or men are allowed in dressing rooms at anytime – not even fathers. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Although smoking is not prohibited for those who are of legal age, Contestants are requested not to smoke in public areas. AND NEVER in Crown and sash. 


Drugs or Alcohol is not allowed to be consumed throughout the state or national pageants.


Contestants MUST abide by all rules.


When entering contestants will either pay in full, both her National Fee and Package fee or may choose payments. If choosing payments a payment must be made every 30 days until paid in full.


No Crown or sash will be ordered until the 2nd payment is made and allow 4 weeks for custom made crown and sash to be delivered to you.


Contestant is required to attend Nationals if selected as State/Regional or Appointed Titleholder with the National Fee Paid by the state pageant. 


Contestants who won a state qualifying title to Miss Tourism Pageant Finals must register and begin paying her package fee for finals within 2 months after the crowning date of her state event.


Contestant is required to attend nationals if selected as a State/Regional or Appointed Titleholder. Fees paid are not refundable, nor transferrable if contestant is unable to attend nationals, you will forfeit all fees paid. 


All Fees paid to Miss Tourism Pageants are Non Refundable.

ABOUT GOING OUT IN PUBLIC: (more detailed information in your E-Book about Going PUBLIC to include safe practices)


It is important to remember you are a role model to the public, your community, and your peers, conduct yourself accordingly. Speak with kindness.


Do not stay on your phone while in the public except to take a photo or video.


Engage with those who hope to follow in your footsteps.


Speak with kindness no matter how frustrated you may become, no matter how tired. People watch your facials so remain calm and kind. 


Dress to impress, whether casual events or fancy, wear something that says "I am a Queen or Princess" and I want to do a great job representing my public, my community and my peers.


Do not bring boyfriends or others who will distract you from engaging with the public. 


Give the appearance one queen only. If you show up as Miss Kentucky Tourism remain Miss Kentucky Tourism through-out the entire event. Do not become Miss Ultra Ultimate Grand Supreme or any other title during the event.


Do not and I repeat DO NOT... go to any event in one crown and title and change to any other crown and title midway through, or take photos at an event in the Tourism Crown and another title. This is disrespectful to both pageants, the event as well, the public who does not understand the pageant world or why you have an extra crown and sash.


You have your title because we felt you have the potential to change the world through your acts. So, stay visible all year, stay engaged on social pages. 


We are letting our queens decide to wear both crown and sash or just sash. Never Just Crown. But, know as a business your uniform is the crown and the sash worn together in almost everything you post. 


If wearing a T-shirt and Jeans please wear a Miss Tourism T-shirt, or the events T-shirt. Otherwise dress to impress. 


Please share as much as possible or a minimum of twice a month. More is better. Engage on the group page as much as possible and share appearances in crown and sash directly to the group. Random photos of any queen without a crown and sash or sash is just a pretty girl. We are trying to promote the pageant and you our Brand Ambassador.



Most all questions can be answered if you will read the materials you are given. 


If you do have questions you can ask your queen mentor, you can post the question to the Miss Tourism Group for someone to answer.


If you have a direct question to the director, DM or email, but please  do not post questions that you need the answer from the director on social



Please share both photos and videos. Directly to the Miss Tourism Group


Share as often as you can. 


Do not share things that are NOT Miss Tourism please on the group page.


Do not bring DRAMA to this pageant. We support each other and that's the bottom line.


Immerse yourself in your title the more you do the more you are asked to do. 


You are Royalty you cannot be overdressed it is just NOT possible to overdress.


Always ask for help if you need it that is what we are here for. To help you. We do ask you read the materials available. 

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