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worlds miss tourism contestants competition.

MTP stands for Miss Tourism Pageants. 

All Those contestants competing for Worlds Miss Tourism titles are required to participate in the 4 events below. 

Competition Categories:

  • Interview: All contestant's will proudly wear their sashes, showcasing their unique identities. No crowns will be used in this competition, allowing their personalities to shine.

  • Evening Gown: A dazzling spectacle awaits as all contestants grace the stage in stunning floor-length gowns, exuding elegance and confidence.

  • Photogenic: For the WMT contestants, their crowns and sashes will become an integral part of their captivating photos, capturing their beauty and grace.

  • WMT State Costume: Unveil the mysteries of your state through a mesmerizing State Costume presentation, revealing fascinating aspects that are lesser-known.


  • Contestants are encouraged to be well-prepared, reading and comprehending all the details pertaining to their respective competitions. Knowledge and understanding of their roles will be crucial for a successful performance. Information is provided through this website and contestants guidebook.

Exclusive Competitions:

  • There are two prestigious competitions - Worlds Miss Tourism and All-American Miss Tourism. Contestants may choose one of the two competitions, but not both, within the same pageant year, ensuring fair opportunities for all.

Beyond the Crown:

  • This pageant celebrates your remarkable journey to the finals, emphasizing community service, meaningful appearances, and visibility. It's not solely about winning a crown but using your platform to make a positive impact on the world.


Let your inner beauty and strength illuminate the stage as you embark on this extraordinary experience of growth, empowerment, and camaraderie!

Age Categories:

Jr. Miss 5-8

Pre-Teen 9-12

Jr. Teen 13-15

Teen 16-18

Miss 19-26

Mrs. 21-49

Ms. 27-49

Elegant Ms. 50 & Over


worlds miss tourism


Required Competitions:

1. Interview (25%): In this pivotal competition, all contestants will have the opportunity to engage in a one-on-one interview with each judge. Being a Tourism Girl calls for being media-ready, showcasing both articulate and likable qualities while speaking confidently and conversationally. Preparedness, poise, class, and confidence will be the key to acing these interviews. This is your chance to shine during the Round Robin, where you'll have individual conversations with each judge.  Dress in an outfit that you choose that makes you feel beautiful, embellishments allowed. Whether dress, pantsuit or skirt set choose something that suits your style.

2. Glamorous Interview Attire: As a glamorous event, contestants have the opportunity to showcase their personal style through embellished outfits. Age-appropriate choices such as dresses, suits, or pantsuits are welcome. For the interview segment, remember to proudly wear your sash, as no crowns will be used during this phase.


3. Scoring Considerations: To ensure fair and unbiased evaluation, it's essential to avoid body odor or overwhelming fragrances that may influence the scoring process. Emphasizing personal presentation and poise will enhance your overall performance.


Get ready to embrace these exciting challenges and display your best qualities, as you embark on this remarkable journey to become a Tourism Girl! Your confidence, grace, and ability to engage with the judges will set you apart as you aim for the crown!

Evening Gown Competition:

All Compete | 25% of Total Score

In the dazzling Evening Gown segment, each contestant will have the chance to showcase their unique style and grace, wearing a stunning floor-length gown. Our focus is not on what is considered "standard" in pageants but on what makes you feel your absolute best and radiates your individual personality.

We believe that the gown's price tag is irrelevant; what truly matters is how you carry yourself in it. Our judges will assess how the gown complements your beauty, emphasizing the following elements:

1. Flattering Color and Fit: Choose a color and size that accentuates your natural beauty and makes you feel confident. A well-fitted gown that exudes elegance will enhance your overall presentation.

2. Elegance and Poise: As a Tourism Girl, confidence, poise, and grace are the cornerstones of your charm. Walk the stage with elegance, exuding your unique style and personality.

3. Embrace Your Style: We encourage you to express your individuality through your gown choice. Whether embellished or understated, the spotlight will be on your confidence and radiant presence. Stay elegant and classy

For Princess and Pre-Teen contestants, makeup rules apply, ensuring age-appropriate presentation.

Remember, you have one minute on stage to captivate the audience and our judges with your elegance and grace. Embrace this moment to shine and let your inner beauty radiate brightly!

Get ready to make a lasting impression and let your authentic self steal the show in the Evening Gown competition!

Photogenic Competition:

ALL Compete | 25% of Total Score

In the captivating Photogenic competition, a Tourism Girl must be camera-ready at all times, prepared to capture that perfect shot. As an esteemed Tourism Girl, you'll find yourself frequently featured in magazines, news press, catalogs, and various media as a model and ambassador.

Here's how the Photogenic competition works:

  1. Photo Submission: During registration, you will submit your photo, which should be no smaller than 8.5 x 10 and no larger than 8.5 x 11. This ensures uniformity and optimal presentation.

  2. Showcase Your Title: On the back of the photo protector, please include your full name (First and Last), the age group you're competing in, your prestigious title (as displayed on your sash), and the competition category (Photogenic).

  3. Visibility of Crown and Sash: For WMT Contestants, it's essential to ensure that your crown and sash are visible in the photo. They serve as symbols of our brand and your accomplishments and dedication.

Please note:

  • The photo submission is mandatory during registration. To be considered for the Photogenic competition, you must bring your photo when you register; submissions after registration will not be accepted.

  • Being naturally photogenic is a valuable asset in this competition, but remember that it's not solely about physical appearance. Let your inner radiance and charisma shine through the lens.

Prepare to dazzle the judges with your captivating photograph, reflecting the essence of a Tourism Girl who's ready to make a significant impact on and off the stage!

State Costume Competition:

For Worlds Miss Tourism Contestants ONLY | 25% of Total Score

Prepare to be WOWed in the highly anticipated State Costume competition! This event is all about going BIG and bold – it's time to leave plain clothes behind and embrace the essence of a true costume that will captivate the audience. Contestant must be able to maneuver on and off stage in her costume alone. Points deducted if other have to assist.

AI- Although AI is a great tool if your speech does not sound like you authentically you the judges will mark off. They will determine this from the interview, they will consider many factors. Use it as a tool but make sure it is performed like you would normally sound. 

Unleash Your Creativity:

Think outside the box and unleash your creativity! This is not the time for ordinary outfits; it's about designing an extraordinary costume that showcases your state's unique heritage or a lesser-known aspect. If you choose to depict a person, let it be someone remarkable – consider costumes that represent what they invented or their significant contributions. Your imagination is the only limit, so go BIG and FABULOUS!

No Ordinary Outfits:

Avoid ordinary outfits like cover-alls for a farmer costume. Instead, show the crops they farm and the essence of their work in a dazzling and eye-catching manner. Remember, this is a COSTUME event – think shiny, bold, and utterly captivating!

Own the Stage:

During the competition, you'll have a golden 30-45 seconds to present your costume on stage. Memorize your speech – you may not read your speech so, no electronic devices or index cards allowed. Make sure to captivate the audience with the story behind your costume and its unique connection to your state. We're looking for that special something unknown about your state that ties your whole presentation together. Contestant alone must be able to maneuver in her costume without assistance. 

Dare to Stand Out:

Let your State Costume be a showstopper, a work of art that represents your state's distinctiveness in a way that leaves everyone in awe. Your creativity and passion will shine through, making this a truly unforgettable segment of the competition!

Dare to dream big, dare to dazzle, and embrace the spirit of adventure as you prepare to bring your state's best-kept secrets to life in the State Costume competition!

Additional Points:

Contestants may gain 30 additional points by participating in her year, through social media, appearances and Tourism Challenges. 30 pts can be the difference between a win and not a win. Lets make memories.

Make-Up Rules: 

Ages 5-12 Very light, a tiny bit, of blush, tinted lip gloss, mascara, 

Ages 13 and Up anything goes.


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