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Meet the Legacy

Miss Tourism Royal Legacy 2024


Miss Tourism Legacy and Elite's 2024

LR Melissa Legacy, Dawn Legacy, Casey Legacy
Nancy Royal Elite, Kayla Elite, Michelle Elite
We are Missing a couple and will share their names and photos once received.

Meet the Legacy

What is the Legacy Program? Becoming an Elite, Legacy, or Royal Legacy signifies tiers of honor. These queens, integral to Miss Tourism Pageants, have moved beyond competition and support the event. Starting as Elite, progressing to Legacy, and culminating as Royal Elite, this journey holds significance. Their immense contributions are often understated, yet vital. Admission is by invitation, with annual re-evaluation, signifying their elite status. Only those with an invitation can join. This platform welcomes multi-year contestants who've completed competing. They aid at the live event, manage logistics, assist participants, and engage in ad sales. There are new distinct award categories, adding to their unique roles. 


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