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ELITE 2023


Casey is a lifelong Tourism Sister and as a Tourism Elite, she provides guidance and encouragement to all Tourism ladies throughout the year.    

Casey came to the Miss Tourism Pageants in early 2016 as a state title holder and went on to win Worlds Jr. Teen Miss Tourism 2017. Casey and her mom have both become great friends and huge assets to the Tourism team.  Casey and her mom are both an integral part of Miss Tourism Pageants.


Casey is smart, vivacious, and sparkling. Her Legacy will be felt by Tourism for a long time to come.


Because Casey's mom, well the whole family, are now a part of the Tourism staff, Casey can no longer compete but she will always represent Miss Tourism Pageants.


A message from Teri:  My Casey, I am so glad we have become friends and I love you to the moon and back.

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