Platform Stand Up

Stand up against bullying. For our Tourism Family, that would like research information on our World Platform. We will include documents, web sites and real stories, for you to compile information... for any speech or written article. Check back to see what is added.


Why Bullying? Here is why we chose this platform...

On March 30, 2008, Teenager Victoria Lindsey was invited to a friends house where she was allegedly ambushed by six other teenage girls and beaten so viciously that at one point she lost consciousness and later had to be treated in a hospital for injuries. The attack reportedly lasted more than 30 minutes.  The orchestrated pre-planned event even had lookouts on the front porch.

This story disturbed and outraged many who actually saw the taped beating. It was horrific and extremely hard to watch. The senseless attack from a friend had to have broken her spirit, her trust and any joy she had prior to that eventful day. That is when we new we had to help in small tiny way. 

Then this past year one of our very own Tourism Girls was beaten at school by a friend... apparently the friend was upset that our girl had spent the night with another friend over the weekend. 

In no way do we think our small efforts will stop this, but we do feel like we can make a difference. If you want to adopt our platform for your reign we would be honored. 

Please share your Story with us... We would love for you to upload your story if you were bullied. In your story please tell us what happened, what started it, were parents involved, was the school of any assistance. We already know kids aren't talking to parents for fear of making it worse. But telling your story and how you handled could help someone else who going through this too...NOT feel so all alone.