Tourism Pageant Productions and Events
Ambassador Only Titles

Today is a World in which we are all conscious of where and how we spend our dollars. It is important we choose our extra activities with care. Miss Tourism Pageant Productions has something for everyone. All Ambassadors qualify to compete in our Virtual Event December. 


With the Ambassador Program the Miss Tourism Pageant Productions and Events offer, it is a win, saving you the extravagant costs of the live competitions, hotels, travel, food, wardrobe and all that goes with it. It is also great for those who simply cannot travel do to health issues, caring for family members and other factors. But, you still want an opportunity to represent a stylish and 5 star class event. We provide this with expertise and have for many years.


All of the events we produce have meaning and are meant for community outreach and are family friendly.  Please stop back to learn about each event. As we update our events, for you! Please not some of the events will have an open and close date for applicants. More information to follow.


Ambassador Only Titles

Global Dream Girl/Guy       World's Miss Glamour Girlz      Global Miss/Mr. Continent      Beauty's of the World 


     Miss Eco - Tourism      All-Star Pageants      Global Miss United Nations       Miss World of Hope


Miss Enchanted Beauty      World's Miss Reigning Beauty's      World's Miss United Nations