A World of Difference

Picture this, a little girl and her friends plan a sleep over to watch the BIG pageant on TV. They choose their favorites. They dream of one day doing that themselves. The glam, the glory, the patriotism, the trips, the fun. The next day they awake and play Beauty Pageant together all day. Their dreams coming to backyard life. What if they could really do a Pageant. Not one like the T&T of the past few years. But, one where the girls learn more than being a beauty queen. They actually do things like appearances, challenges and autograph signings. They learn to be a Public Figure. They get a glimpse of public life. Learn life skills about public speaking and image through challenges. And learn why maintaining a integrity and a good reputation is important in branding. We teach more than Pageant skills. We teach life skills. We will change the way you think of Pageantry. No not your typical event, but a very important one. After-All isn't this the type of motivating environment you would want your daughters to be around. A place where kindness matters. Where giving of time is important and where they learn a crown is never for the one who receives it A crown is for those who see her in it. A symbol of a Role Model. Stick with an Original since 1998. Become a Tourism Girl Today!!

The Miss Tourism Pageant is not your typical pageant. Community Involvement, Kindness and becoming a Public figure is whats in store for you. You inspire others when you stand beneath the Tourism Stars! Start Now

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