Be A Stand OUT STAR!

About Challenges/Appearances the expectation is you grow from each, is they be ON time and dressed like a Star, No excuse needed. Dressed like a STAR means YOU dress a STEP ABOVE what the normal person would wear. Look like you STAND OUT. Even those doing challenges from home or locally. People from all over the world watch what we do. Make sure you are a STAND OUT. It is important for us that OUR Tourism ROYALS Stand out.

Here Are 11 WAYS YOU can stand out. 1. plan you wardrobe, if you have nothing great then wear all white, or all black, or all blue, or all red and use accessories to make the outfit work. 2. Do something with your hair. Yes Hair, style it in a fashionable way. 3 take time to know what it is you are going to say, how you will be perceived. Be the real deal and not a wanna be royal. What's the difference you ask, one wants to be royal but does not put in the work, she does not stand out, she looks like the crowd or worse, the Real Deal Royal take the time to plan what she will say, she plans her wardrobe, she walks in, any place and is the focus, because she not only looks like a star, she commands the room. Doing these challenges helps our girls learn these invaluable life lessons.

4. Speak with purpose. Know what you are going to say, practice it. Plan you videos, don't wing that is always obvious.

5. You are the focus, the star, the Main part of any photo or video a Tourism Royal is always in both crown and sash, she is articulate and speaks with purpose. You should be the center of videos/photos not the background YOU should be the focus of photos not the background. Do not have writing on the photos, do not send background pics and your not in the photo...We are interested in YOU our Royal. 6. Take a shower or bath prior to doing a challenge or appearance you will feel a little more confident. 7. If their are other people in your video or photo YOU should still be the focus. 8. Clean up anything in the room that looks trashy, wipe the wall behind you if it is dirty, pick up toys and debris in the room you are in, wash dishes and put them away if in your video or photo. Make things clean otherwise all anyone will focus on is the mess behind you. 9. Find your speaking voice. Listen to yourself record yourself and play around with your speaking voice find your "Sound" 10. A Tourism Girl is Sweet and is always having fun, smiles and laughter is the looks we always go for. 11. Sunglasses always add flare!! Hope these tips help our girls become a bigger star than they already are!!!

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