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Due April 10, 2023

So many asked about the Easter Challenge and asked if we were doing the Easter hat challenge we have done for many years. We decided to do let you choose....

Show us your Easter Bonnet can be store bought, can be home made can. Wear your sash (we know who is waiting so participate without it)

Show us your Easter outfit of the day.

Show us your Photo with the Easter Bunny.

Show us your best decorated egg.

Please tag us in 3 photos of you with whatever you decided or wearing whatever you decided to do.

When are these due? April 10, 2023, anytime on the 10th.

Please do not send photo shopped projects. Please do not edit it in Easter hat or eggs to a current photo. And please do not add borders or sparkles or make 3d. BUT PLEASE make the post public... Participate that is how you grow.

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