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Due April 2, 2023 5p.m.

By Now All girls coming to nationals have registered and paid their mandatory fee. If not contact us Late charges will apply.

CHALLENGE: We want to see your baking skills. So create a beautiful dessert table with your homemade treat. Show us your decorating skill for your table and showcase your dessert and fave hot beverages. If you have crown and sash photos in crown and sash for final pics.

If you want to be extra do video and photos. Do video like a cooking or decorating show.

Hashtag lesson: I have learned in my Social Media Classes:

Please use hashtags. Hashtags are used to grow your account and ours:

To accelerate a post for it to go viral or to attract your audience So...

Choose hashtags for your post.

# hashtags help categorize content for algorithms so people looking for content like yours, Think of them as tools to push your content for more views and engagement it takes the right #hashtags, seo, and other components to really get you noticed so people can find your content if looking for similar. The algorithm will push you more based on those factors. no More than 6 and do not use same ones over and over. that is like

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