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Due beginning October 26 no later than 29th, 2022

Since the Tourism Pageant does not allow our queens to wear her crown and sash with a Costume of any kind we are doing a Tourism Costume parade. Take a photo of JUST YOU in your Halloween costume NO CROWN OR SASH. Photos must be in no later than the 29th October. Please be mindful costumes should be PG rated.!! Please do not send last years pics. You photo in your costume will go up on our website for friends and family to vote for the cutest, most creative, scariest and others. Prizes will be cash, gift cards or fees off nationals. Be sure to let your friends and

family know you are participating so you might win big. Getting fees off Nationals is huge....You will want every vote you can get. Each vote is $2.00 as always.

Also, we will do a scrolling photo parade of all who participate on our website. Lets rock this show me that you want to have challenges. Everyone join in Tourism, All-Stars, united Nations, AND ALL Ambassadors please participate....

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