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Random Acts of Kindness mean so much to the recipient, and you may never know how

much. In this challenge here are some things you could do but, you only need choose one. If you have crown and sash wear both, dress stylish and share a minimum of 3 photos unedited please.

  • Take plate of food to a neighbor

  • Bake cookies or cupcakes and take to a civil, public service worker

  • Bake cupcakes take to your Dr. office, a Nurse

  • Go to a nursing home and play cards or board games with someone

  • Take cookies or cupcakes to a school and Read a story (you will need to call ahead on this)

  • Spend a couple hours working at a local food bank by donating or helping in the facility

  • We would love a photo of you holding a readable sign that says Kindness Matters

Due February 17, 2023 before midnight your time zone!!!

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