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Due January 14, 2024 4pm

Folklore and Legends:

How did myths and legends start?

Myths and legends began to be recorded just as soon as humans mastered the technology of writing. Often the very first texts were hymns to the gods or collections of mythological stories that became organized into cycles, explaining how the world was created, how humans came into existence. Some say most were created by newspaper reporters to boost newspaper sales. Some say the Tourism industry started some to increase tourism to a local area, some say these are ancient tales from elders while none have been 100% proven some have said if you listen carefully you may become a believer??

In the early 19th century tales of snallygastors, the boggy creek monster and the gowrow monsters of the lakes and woods. Just about every place has a folklore or legend.

In Crown and sash. Please do not turn in any earlier than the 12th of January. We would love for our Tourism Girls to do a photo diary with captions of what your folklore or legend is.

Those who do a video 4 min. or less, as a reporter for WMTO could win a certificate for framing. Best Reporter, Best Story, Best depiction, The Journalism Award, and more. The highest honor you could win for this project is the Miss Tourism Pulitzer Prize for Journalism!

This challenge is going to be a challenge. It will take a bit of research on your part, and not just computer, some states have a museum based on their legends, "Monster Mart in Arkansas" for one. Interviewing locals and doing a great story might just win you the Miss Tourism Journalism Pulitzer Prize.

Go all in. This is not one you want to do just to get by. This challenge will polish several life skills, to include speaking, interviewing, reporting, researching and finishing something worthwhile and significant to our world! Honestly by doing a great project it could boost your self-esteem and most definitely will boost your confidence. Lets see who has the most creative story.

Be sure to send your downloadable video (no links) If you do not know how to send with downloadable link GOOGLE it!.

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