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Due January 14th, 2023

The first challenge of 2023 celebrated International Thank You Day. All Tourism Royals including ambassadors. If you have not received your crown and sash do it without. If you have them wear both!!

You will hand write and send in the mail both below. There is nothing like old fashioned handwritten letters and there is nothing like receiving one. I hope you do not ignore this one. It is an important one maybe not to you but to the one who will receive.

Choose a person or business outside of your family and literally write a letter or card and actually mail it to that person. Make it authentic, heartfelt and from your soul. Take a photo of you mailing it. Everyone should do this we all have people to thank.

Next choose a Tourism Pageant Productions Girl /Ambassador who has inspired you, helped you, guided you, made you feel happy. Mail them a letter in the mail hand written and send it off to them.

Post photos on the 14th January by 5PM

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