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Due January 28, 2024 Pass the Crown

This Challenge comes to us from Miss Tourism 2024, Valeria and it is so much fun!!


For this challenge we’ve decided to bring back the pass the sash challenge from TikTok but instead of passing the sash we’re passing the Worlds Miss Tourism Crown!!!

For this challenge you will make a video starting off probably best standing and in casual cute or your Jammies. Next

Someone will throw your sash to you, you show your sash to the camera, Next

Someone will hand you, your crown. Do something cute with your crown, Next

Move the crown up to the camera, make sure to cover the camera with the sparkle Jewels of the crown so all people see is just the rhinestones bling, Next

Pause/stop the camera from recording, Go put on your favorite cute dressy outfit or gown, Next

Turn camera back on- move your crown to reveal yourself in your sash and crown then pass your crown off to the side of the camera!

Here’s an example video and an explanation video on how to record. Please record on a normal video and not TikTok so we can see your entire outfit! Make sure not to post them please send the downloadable video over to Miss Teri so they can be edited, Thank you guys so much and I look forward to seeing all of your videos to mash them up together. Valeria will have a complete example of what your video should look like.

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