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Due March 12, 2023

Please choose a women in history who means something to you....Then in photos in your crowns and sashes. We know who is waiting... Tell why the women you chose touches you. Then if you can be extra do video too. Now photos should all have YOU in them in crown and sash and videos should also be in crown and sash. When you write about your historical women just one please.. Please do not write a whole book 300 words should be plenty people won't read if you write a lot. and we are wanting to spread some knowledge... This one due March 12th by 7pm please do not submit earlier than the 11th

Next pair up with someone from another state and in photos and video if possible choose 2 women you didn't know anything about and tell us their story be creative and fun crowns and sashes if you have them wear them. There are a lot of women who have graced this world and paved the way for us to do the things we love so we will honor them this one due March 25 or 26 2023 your choice.

In photos we want to see you in your crown and sash. Ambassadors this is for you too.

We want you to be creative hold a photo of your historical figure, have her as a backdrop. In Video be creative, tell it like a tour guide or teacher or even WMTP reporter. Choose your partner wisely.

Each receive a Participation certificate and will award certificates for Best Photos, Best Videos, Best Direction, Best documentary, Best Story and more,

Due Dates: March 11-12 and March 25-26, 2023

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