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Due May 28, 2023

Come to the Miss Tourism Science Fair.

It is a fun educational project. This one will help you discover skills. It is our annual science project.

Each Tourism Queen, Ambassador, or Magnificent queen can participate. We want each queen to choose a project that suits her and is a Science, Tech, Engineering or Math related.

We will post links for you to find a project. Then you can work on it all month.

If you want to be extra, do video of you making your project, wear goggles and a Dr. lab coat not required but oh so cute. Describe your project as if you are a scientist.

Please show final project, 3 pictures of you in crown and sash with your project.

We sure would like to see everyone all in, this is an awesome one.

Those who have not received their crown and sash may do this one without it. Please no snarky comments we know who is waiting.

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