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Due November 15th and 31st.

This is a Fun Photo challenge and treasure hunt. The First 15 should be shared on the 15th do them in any order you like. Each one should include YOU in your Crown and sash, with whatever the photo of the day is. The next from the 16th to the 31st should be in on the 31st. Do in any order. Have fun and use your imagination. This is a fun way for you to be visible and have fun. Get your friends and whole family involved. Can't wait to see how creative you can get!!!

The only ones who may do this without crown and sash are those who did not receive hers yet. We know who is waiting so, please refrain from commenting I would if I had my crown and sash or I haven't received yet. Do not make an excuse that you do not have yours yet. go ahead and participate.

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