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Due October 24th, 2022

United Nations Day is celebrated on October 24th, to celebrate the United Nations entry into charter on October 24th, 1949.

What is the Tourism Pageant Productions doing to celebrate?

You have a choice:

Choice 1 Present a Human rights presentation

Choice 2 Share a way to achieve peace in your community

Choice 3 Share a way to end hunger in your community

Choice 4 The UN combined with Earth Day also is involved in climate change what can we do for sustainability, recycling, save the earth, or any other program?

All of these may be done choose one or choose to do all

through photos or video of you discussing as a reporter for wmtp or a Ted talk. You will have to research a little unless any of these are your platform and are already familiar. Yes

this one is a bit more difficult than some however, in doing this one you learn how to research your topic and present in a way others will want to be involved. This will be

Use hashtags #unitednationstourismchallenge #sustainable #hungar #water #joinmisstourismpageants #misstourismpageants

invaluable in the future. You must dress business casual and must have both crown and sash on all photos submitted should have you in them please no collages, no 3d. If doing a video reporter make it look like a news room for wmtp News and become a reporter yes in crown and sash make a great sign for WMTP News. If doing a Ted Talk make sure there is nothing in your background. If you do not know what Ted talk is google it.

This one challenge will teach you more than competing in any one pageant ever could. I hope to see ALL Queens Participate. The ONLY exception to wearing your crown and

The united Nations oversees many sustainable initiatives that the world may not even be aware of.

sash is if you have not yet received it. Please make me proud. I need to know the challenges are important to you and not just the glam ones.

Please tell me if you are ALL IN on this one. Please do not make comments about not having your crown and sash we know who is waiting.

So what does the United Nations Do?<