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Due September.16 and 30.2023

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

First ALL Tourism Challenges must be in Crown and sash always NO EXCEPTIONS (unless yours has not arrived yet) We would like at least one great photo if you do choose videos. We prefer video and do expect you to DM the downloadable video for us. All videos should be separate and you should probably change outfits if you decide to do all in one day. On days where you comment someone share a photo of the comment with you in the pic selfie or have someone snap it for you. To reveal your challenge click on the arrow next to the Day. Have fun because with this challenge (if you do it) You will grow so much. Just Try!


Do a video explaining about the Miss Tourism Pageant as if you are explaining it to someone who has never heard of the event before. send the downloadable video in DM it must have the downloadable link for us to download. You will want to look like a Winning World or National Queen in your video. We will expect ALL Reigning World, Grands, All American and state title holders to participate.


Share a photo of your idea of a great Miss Tourism Interview Outfit


The 3rd "REST" Self Care Day! Please make sure to take the day for you and your family.


Please share your photo of the perfect head and shoulders photo for Miss Tourism Photogenic. Tell why it is a great photo for Photogenic. Again like you are explaining it to someone who knows nothing about Miss Tourism.

DAY 5.

Please share your state costume or share an idea for your state and tell the world about the State Costume Event. This one event has literally toppled girls out of the win. So go in hard for this one.

DAY 6.

Share the best evening gown look for competition as if you are training someone on how to (choose a gown, walk in her gown and anything else you think is important)


Explain to someone who knows nothing about Miss Tourism what our platform is and why.

DAY 8. Explain to someone who knows nothing about Miss Tourism what should be on all things you give out and why (ie. Autograph cards, flyers, etc).

DAY 9. Show us your idea of the best Appearance wear for representing your title, and explain about appearances and why you should talk about the pageant while making appearances. Queens should always talk about the pageant too and not just talk about themselves in an appearance that is what makes a great Brand Ambassador.

DAY 10

Rest and spend time reflecting on your week share with family.

DAY 11

Catch Up on anything you missed on week one.

DAY 12

Tell us what is your dream or things you would like to accomplish in your new titles.

DAY 13

Well Done Wednesday... Please reach out to a Tourism queen you do not know and share a compliment.

DAY 14

Some queens have said this is the best pageant they have ever done and some of you have done them all. Please as if you are talking to someone who knows nothing about this pageant why it is your favorite pageant. Or if this is your first year with us, why you entered.

DAY 15

It is often hard for girls to learn to come out of their comfort zone so today QUEENs (moms please let your queen do this and be close by to assist if needed) Please call the Chamber of commerce and ask if they have any events coming up soon (kid friendly). Tell them you would like to pass out Miss Tourism Flyers if they would allow. And tell them you would be happy to greet help with anything they have. Or find a local business that would allow you to pass out flyers about this community service event.

DAY 16

First Part of your challenge DUE by 5P.M.. Please submit your challenge and DM videos with downloadable link so we can easily download.

Day 17

Please take time to visit our fan page to congratulate others for a job well done on the first half of the challenge. Use Words and positive motivating words too. A kind word could make a difference in their journey.

DAY 18

Fall y'all!! Share a fall image with you in the photo or video.

DAY 19

Get Creative Draw a Picture of your favorite Miss Tourism Queen. And Caption is something sweet. Hold it in front of you in crown and sash.

DAY 20

Today Choose a new queen you have not yet met or messaged or commented and ask her something about her and let her know you are here for her.

DAY 21

Show us your favorite fall outfit and hairstyle. Tell us about it in video or photo.

DAY 22

Plan a fun family thing anything you want. Popcorn and a movie, Family hopscotch night, family make a tent/fort night, or an outing.

DAY 23

Me and My shadow, Grab your crown and sash and get in a place to throw off a great shadow and snap that photo of your shadow. Be creative do a few. Can't wait to see our most creative.

DAY 24

Giving things our all is what sets us apart. I am so proud of all of you have completed this months challenge thus far. I see the commitment and I could not be more proud!!!

DAY 25

It is important to always strive for your goals doing the videos as part of the challenges helps encourage you to articulate and present yourself in the best most professional way possible. Share with us some tips and tricks that help you become a better speaker.

DAY 26

Have some hot cocoa like it is snowing outside and dress in a cute fall outfit and be creative with this photo.

DAY 27

Anything Photo day. Share with us a creative photo of you in crown and sash. This is whatever your imagination can come up with.

DAY 28

Because our queens are important to us tell us what you wish to see in our Blog on Better Days with Teri and friends since we will have Tourism Queens Participate in that aspect. Share what you hope to see or learn in that space.

DAY 29

Fall is a beautiful time of year show us something changing from summer to fall near you.

DAY 30


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