You are going to yard game party....

Part 1...Please create a game you can play outside with friends once this virus is over....

Be creative, involve your whole family. Please wear crowns and sashes in creation and final for all challenges. 3 photos Due on or by April 27, 3pm....Do a video 2 if you do a video snap a few pics too for the community page of our site..

Inspiration below...

Part 2

Create a DIY video making a game, a doll or some type of activity. grab at least 3 pics of you too while doing it.

Part 3 DIY...

Create a land, village or some kind of make believe kingdom with a name. Video and/or Pics

use what you have already and get creative. think it through before hand. Make a story to go with your Land, Village or Kingdom.

My Kingdom would be World Tourism. It would have all of my queens and families living in castles close to each other. We would make all things fun. We would instill hope to the kingdom. Every person would be able to do all things good. What would you do? Show us! Can't wait to see these...

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