Grab your crowns and sashes

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

We are celebrating World Sandwich Day. Although WSD is on Nov. 3rd you have until November 8th, 6pm to get yours in. What you need to do is host your own TV show or be a spokesmodel for your sandwich, or do a Magazine Spread illustrating how to make the perfect sandwich to you! or set a beautiful sandwich table for entertaining guests If hosting your own show LOOK like you belong on TV. Dress the part, look the part and articulate the building of the sandwich through your video cooking show. Get creative show us your fave sandwich and a sandwich from another country! If doing the magazine pics make sure you are in the photos and close ups, show the build through the pics and make us want that sandwich. If doing Spokes-Model you are selling the sandwich you have to make the world want that sandwich. Be descriptive and cute. Be stylish and creative... Save those T-shirts for our Next Challenge we will be celebrating Adoption get ready!!

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