Grab your Crowns and sashes and Think more happy!

You are going on TOUR! This challenge is based on a dream. Each year we think of all the things we will accomplish in the new year and it made me realize my biggest dream is to make people happy, to create an environment that helps others reach their dreams and goals. So I looked around for other "New Years Resolutions" AND I thought, what are the Tourism Girls Plans for 2021 both personal and with their titles!! The Challenge is to come up with 3 goals

personally and 3 goals with your title for the 2021 year! You must wear both crown and sash...and look the best you can look but, lets go casual. Although we say casual you still want to look your best and not show up in pajamas or holes in your clothes. Please take 5 crown and sash pictures 2 with poster board in black marker so we can read it. My girls who are extra and I LOVE that... may also do video and pics. Please tag send or get to us for social media by Sunday 5pm!!

We Love Smiles and Happy.

You can send as you do them. If you do video send the DOWNLOADABLE VIDEO to our email or private message

No need to remind us you do not have your crown and sash yet we know who is waiting.

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