Grab your Crowns and Sashes Fam!!!

You are raising awareness!! Always BOTH Crown and Sash on YOU. Title holders are supposed to be for the public. In the spirit of a Thanksgiving month lets show our support and raise awareness. Since this is our first time doing this type of Challenge we dont have an expample to show you so LEAD the way. Please wear your new T's. Here are your choices:

1. You may do a video (should be like a Public Service Commercial) or Photos. If doing video please submit the downloadable version to our Private message on facebook.

2. You may do 3 or more photos with you and someone you know who has suffered or is suffering from any of the topics. or

3. Make a poster for each Raising awareness. Then holding your poster/collage and you in crown and sash both grab 3 to five photos.

On Sunday November 1st, 2020 3PM raise awareness for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month and Lung Cancer Awareness Month

On Sunday November November 8th, 2020 3PM raise awareness for American Diabetes Awareness Month

On November 15th, 2020 3PM raise awareness for National Alzheimers Awareness Month

On November 22nd, 2020 3PM raise awareness for National Adoption Awareness Month

On November 29th, 2020 3PM raise awareness for National Family Caregivers Month

Please do not post before the deadline.

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