Grab Your Crowns And Sashes T-Fam

You are going to show us why you Tour! Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant is unique in that it is a whole year of fun and amazing things to do. Those who follow the program are fast hometown celebrities. I want to see your Photos or your TV Commercial "VIDEO" Promoting the Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant Brand. Be creative and accurate. The Best will go on the Homepage of the website.


FILMING: Please be sure whatever shows in the video is clean. Whatever room make sure the whole room is clean before you start...

DRESS FOR IT!! Cocktail dress, or gown or extremely fancy.

LOOK THE PART!! Your best hair, make-up and shining crown with sash ON!

FACTS! Tourism Started in 1998 as an Online "Virtual Pageant" before going LIVE in 2004.

Its not a one day event and over it is a year of appearances and challenges. The Tourism Pageant has about an 80% returning queen rate. Meaning most sign up for the next upcoming year. Some girls have come back for 5-8 years the experience is Amazing.

This pageant is about teaching us to be Inspirations to others and NOT about being a Pageant Queen. Learning skills through the challenges and appearances that have helped me ______(tell how it has helped)

My favorite thing about Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant is; If it is the LIVE event talk about the Pink Black and White Party, or Saturday with the girls and crowning. The best Pageant T-shirts! or something you like.

SPEAK AUTHENTICALLY, POSITIVELY AND SMILE: You can do it how YOU want to do it. Like a reporter, Like spokes-model advertising a lodge etc. YOUR CHOICE! REPRESENT THE BRAND...Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant as a whole.

When is this due Sunday 4PM one will be on the site @ 5pm!

After you post the challenge on your social media and tag us then any video should be private messaged to us!

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