Grab your Crowns and Sashes Tourism Fam You Are Going on Tour!

Due October 11, 2020. Show us Fall in your town. Do you have a Pumpkin patch, a corn maze, a Festival, are the local stores decorated, We are not looking for Halloween we are looking for Pretty Fall with our Tourism girls dressed Stylish in crown and sash.. Never dress to blend in to the crowd... dress a step above so you stand out.

In the Gallery below the first three photos of Ricci, Ryleigh and Mckenzie Did it RIGHT! Simply Adorable! What will your Fall Tour Look Like? Tag Album with photos telling us where you are and those who can speak well, send video too...(send direct from devise you did the video on to make sure Video's are downloadable and sent directly to Private message on FACEBOOK

Do NOT send Links to us...Put all photos in an album and share the entire album. Do not send single pics and the album...Just the album!.

Please refrain from comments like "I would love to if I had my crown and sash" Or I cant my crown and sash is not here yet". WE KNOW WHO IS WAITING...Once your crown and sash arrive you can go back and do all the challenges....

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