Grab your Crowns and sashes YOU are going on a Special Tour

Be an Inspiration by letting the World Know "We will get through this together"

Dress UP!! If you have crown and sash, be in both...Make a sign That says " We Will Get Through This Together" This is the time to make your stars shine.

Many people are watching our posts for comfort, entertainment and a since of community... togetherness this is not the time to slow down! Look like a Queen or Princess this is an important part of this challenge for our Tourism Girls.

If you do not have your crown and sash yet participate following the other guidelines make sure...You write your name and title on your sign...if you do not yet have a crown and sash. Due as soon as possible, send as they are complete... Make sure we can read your sign...

You may not know how many people you are touching by participating... in this time when people need something to look forward to and they do look forward to seeing the photos of your challenges... 3 pics with your sign, in your crown and sash, and dressed up, put them in an album #TourismTogetherness #Wewillgetthoughtogether #Tourismhope #misstourismpageants.

For an added touch do a short video dressed up in crown and sash and leave a message of hope...

Also those making videos contact me so you can upload to our youtube channels too or instagram...ow welcome the Worlds Teen and Miss Colorado Contestants !!!

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