Grab your crowns and Sashes YOU are going on TOUR!

A Tourism Girl is The Peoples Queen. As The Peoples Queen we have a responsibility to do for our communities. This is a SPECIAL CHALLENGE requiring everyone to participate grab your friends to help. I bet you are wondering what it is. This can be a very very lonely time for some people. We Challenge you to spend time with children in a childrens home, senior

center, or an elderly neighbor. This is not just any challenge we want you to play a game with them, share some Christmas cookies, let them teach you something. Talk with them. We also want you to write about your experience (moms let the girls do the writing we can tell when you do it for them) We have a very special GIFT for the best written experience and photos. We aren't revealing the gift we want you to do this because it is a great thing to do.

How do you do this? Call first and ask what you are allowed to do and schedule your time to be there. If you can, dress in red stylish outfit, in crown and sash both. Do photos for sure and video too if possible. When is this due and how do you get the experience to us?

Due December 10th 3pm make an album in Facebook with only this challenge in the album and share that album with us (the whole album not individual pics)

Good Luck I am super excited to see what each of you do be creative, get your friends involved...

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