Grab Your Crowns and Sashes You are Going on Tour!!!

What could be more spectacular than all of our title holders showing us something in your state that is unusual or unique to your area or state. This can be a statue, sculpture, business, school, or something we don't know. Some of you live in rural areas and do not have the luxury of having something close so those who cannot find something unusual please, find your Welcome to your State Sign at the welcome center. Please do not turn these in until the 19th by 3pm. You must be in both crown and sash. Those who want to do a little extra can do a video too telling us all about your find.

Photos should be close-up we are interested in YOU so don't worry about getting the huge long shot where you look lost. PLEASE dress STYLISH LOOK like a QUEEN. If you have done this one before find something NEW to submit. Crowns on your head and sashes on right shoulder. Lets CRUSH this one. I will expect ALL title holders who have their crowns and sashes to participate..Including World title holders, legacy, hall of fame and All stars and all state title holders.

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