Grab your Crowns and Sashes you are going on Tour

The happiest week of the year is finally here, what better way to celebrate than together apart. This Challenge will challenge some of you will not be up for it, but we hope you are.

These next five days will inspire our nation. We are challenging you to do 10 photos and post 2 a day dressed stylish and hair and makeup done (please do not look like you rolled out of bed) you can do all in one day but post as follows Monday 1&2 Tues. 3 & 4 wed. 5 & 6 Thurs. 7 & 8 and late Thursday night after 9pm or sometime Friday 9 & 10

1. NEW Close up of you in front of a Christmas Tree or your celebrated Religious tradition.

2. Pretty in Red a close up happy face in Christmas Red.

3. Gorgeous in Green a close up with duck face

4. Light lots of light your interpretation

5. Out on the town for the Holiday ( holding lots of bags with sunglasses and looking festive)

6. Close up with A Santa clause Live or decoration

7. Take a new photo by a Nativity scene or religious tradition

8. Red and white candy cane close up be creative

9. Make a NEW Selfie...Beautiful formally dressed Merry Christmas photo of you only!

10 Lastly make a gorgeous close up with a positive word, quote or saying that shows we are hopeful for a great 2021.

2021 has been deemed the year of the Tourism Dream teams. Lets not disappoint. The Tourism Brand is about hope spreading hope remember your crowns and sashes are for others to admire but not as a decoration, but, as beacon of hope and inspiration for others. Some of our friends will not be having the best of seasons due to job losses, maybe they won't have lots of food for their Holiday Feast so we purposefully left out photos of your gifts and your feast to instead inspire festive, fun and hopefulness. You have no idea those inspired by these simple photos of you IN YOUR CROWNS AND SASHES.

Please do not post you do not have a crown and sash yet WE KNOW WHO IS WAITING!...

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