Grab your crowns and sashes You are going on TOUR!!

1 Grab Your Crowns And Sashes Tourism Family Love---Parades--- Rodeo's--- America oh my! On February 14th dress up in pink, red or black in crown and sash and send us 3 stylish photos. Because we love our Tourism family and we want to see you February 14 by midnight, We want to see your most stylish red, pink or black Photo. This is just fun can be a selfie!!! But a good one.

2 Show Valentines Day in your town or in your house. Dress for the photos please. Crown and sash and STYLISH.

3 Most towns states will be having Presidents Day parades or special parades coming up. Get yourself in it! Dress stylish Dress UP. Look like a queen or princess. People want autographs and photos of a queen or princess... LOOK the PART. Lots to do this weekend. If not in a parade show us 3 photos of you dressed in red white and blue. Must wear Both crowns and sashes...

Send as you get them.

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