Grab Your Crowns and Sashes... You are going on Tour:

Tourism Family we are headed to the local shelter?...We want you to Dress up like a movie star. This is National Dog weekend. We have a few things for you:

1. Take Photos of you and your dog.

Walking your dog

Feeding your dog a dog biscuit for Natl Dog Biscuit day

and a creative photo of your dog doing a trick

2. Do a commercial advertising with family or friends

Dog Biscuits,

Advertising animal shelter animals showing your celebrity status.

or a public service announcement involving something related to our K-9 friends

3. Volunteer at a local shelter, Interview a shelter manager, ask if you can be photgraphed with your favorite shelter dog.

You do not have to all but those doing all will get a PDF Certificate for framing by doing all at least one of each of the 3 Topics.

Due Monday 24th, 2020 by 3pm send them when you complete them.

The closer you are in the photo the better CLOSE UPS. Must be in BOTH CROWN and SASH. Lets have a BARKING FUN WEEKEND!

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